Thursday, February 9, 2012

How To Get Emergency Cash

English: Energy Secretary Chu announced the lo...Image via WikipediaIt can happen without warning! The car breaks down, or you're faced with a medical emergency, or a death in the family. Whatever form it takes, you have an emergency. But, it's the middle of the month, your credit card is maxed out, and you have no cash! You need emergency cash, and you need it now. You turn to your family and friends, but they can't help. Where can you get some cash?
Obviously an emergency is not something you plan for, it just comes at you out of the blue. If you need money, and you are unable to borrow it from family, you can take out short term loan, or cash in an investment.
There are several loan options available for emergency cash. However, you must remember that emergency cash loans are usually short term; therefore interest rates tend to be higher. Emergency cash loans can come in the form of a pay day loan. If you think you will be able to repay this amount by the next payday, then this is probably the option you need to consider. The advantage of taking out a payday loan is that it is generally simple and easy to get. To qualify for this type of loan, most lenders require that you be over the age of 18, be employed, and have a bank account.
Nowadays, companies offer pay day loans which can be approved and disbursed the very same day. The process is pretty simple. In many cases, you can complete and submit the application form online. As soon as the loan has been approved, the funds transferred directly to your bank account. In terms of repayment; it is generally expected that repayment will be made in one installment, at the time of your next paycheck. However, it pays to be cautious. When opting for an emergency loan online, ensure that the company is accredit by the Better Business Bureau, and has their seal of approval.
Emergency cash loans are also available from the bank. The bank can provide you with an unsecured loan, home equity loan, or home equity line of credit. Bear in mind though that this will not be a same day loan, so if you need the money quickly, it is not your best option. Also, banks will require more information, and will charge a higher rate of interest. If you have investments such as CD's, you can consider cashing them in. Obviously, there will be a penalty for early withdrawal. So be prepared to pay it. Consider it the cost you will have to pay, if you go this route to access emergency cash.
Another option for emergency cash, is to borrow against your insurance policy. Those policies that have an investment or saving component, such as universal life, can be a good alternative to obtain cash in a time of crisis. If you have had the policy for several years, then it is very likely that enough cash value would have accumulated to allow you to borrow from it. A financial crisis can arise due to any number of factors, but if you need emergency cash you do have options. Although, you need money fast, take the time to reflect on the options. Having done that, you can make the decision that is right for you.
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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Niche Research

What's in the bag? Business of Software 2010Image by betsyweber via FlickrAnybody doing research knows it can take time, especially when if it happens to be about something with which you are not familiar. Sometimes you might find it difficult to narrow down your research to specifics, or the particular niche that you need. What then? What is the best way to get the results you need when doing .
You can apply to any number of areas. You might need to find your niche in business, which is critical before you think of starting up. Related to this is the need to identify a niche market, which is the segment of the market that you want to focus on. Having this information at your fingertips is essential, if you want to prevent any missteps going forward. Before you invest money, time, and effort into a business, you must be able to calculate if it will be worth it. That determination cannot be made, without doing the research.
There are tools that are available to help you to do your . In terms of tools, if you are doing research online, then keywords and phrases are great at helping you to focus on your subject. There are packages available such as Keyword Discovery. This can help you to find which keywords to target to get the information you need. Keyword Discovery provides an analysis of the keywords commonly used on search engines. It is a good resource to help you to find the information you need quickly.
is one way of helping you get to the information you need. Let's say you are involved in marketing and are thinking about setting up an online marketing business. The focus of the business will be affiliate marketing. You would need to research not only about online marketing, but more specifically, drill down further to online affiliate marketing.
Other online help can be in the form of online forums. These are a great resource as you can link with other individuals in your area of interest. This will enable you to share ideas, and to discuss the pros and cons of the specific area of research. Blog directories are another good contact point when doing . You can also use blogs to find information on particular areas. Resources such as blog catalog are useful in this regard. It lists blogs by categories, making it easy to find and zero in on the material that you have an interest in.
is also a very important part of article marketing. Many websites use article marketing, to distribute information about their business in the marketplace. With the help of , you are able to generate relevant industry related information. This will specifically target the products, or services that you sell. These articles are one way you can get exposure for your website. The increased exposure will attract more traffic and pull in business.
, is a useful tool that can help you on several levels. It can assist you to market your business online, identify your target market, and write articles for websites. Effectively used, it can help you to get the information you need, and be able to write with authority, on any subject.
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Personal Productivity

English: Robert Plutchik's Wheel of EmotionsImage via WikipediaDo you feel lost and like you're being pulled in too many directions?
Sometimes in life we feel disconnected, torn between our physical, emotional, and logical. Sometimes our emotions tell us to do something but logically we shouldn't. Sometimes our logical side is telling us something has to be done, but physically we don't feel like it. These conflicts within ourselves are very counterproductive.
How you can become more productive...
You have to try to manage yourself and make all your feelings, thoughts, and emotions work together. Of course, this is easier said than done. Getting enough sleep and eating healthy is one way to keep your mind and body healthy and energized, which can prevent tiredness. Also, make sure you have some time for yourself during your day. You need some time to relax or do something you enjoy to keep your emotional side happy. When you keep all these sides happy, you can then focus on one thing and use all these sides together to have an productive outcome.
Are you easily distracted or bad at time management?
Distractions are everywhere, phone calls, text messages, television, e-mails, Facebook. Distractions make it take longer to complete tasks. When things don't get done on time we become stressed and it can be bad for your work reputation. You have to manage yourself to use your time efficiently and eliminate distractions.
How you can become more productive...
Try to control yourself. Don't go on Facebook while you're working, turn your cell phone off and only check your e-mail 2 or 3 times a day. You can also decide to only take phone calls and respond to e-mails during a certain time. Kind of like office hours. You may also think that multi-tasking is a good skill that allows you get multiple things done at once. However, when multi-tasking your only putting a small amount of effort into each thing. Productivity is all about focus and putting all of your energy into one thing at a time. Work on one thing at a time and don't stop until it's completed. When your task is completed take a break for an interruption. Then, refocus everything onto the next task at hand and do not lose focus until that task is completed. Multi-tasking can drain your energy, get you confused, and stress you out. Sometimes you may need to multi-task for a short period of time, but don't try to do too many things at once. If you are unfocused and wasting time, that is probably why you are poor at managing your time. You will be amazed how much more time you have when you focus and eliminate distractions. You will get things done quicker and stop being late.
Does your life seem inconsistent and jumbled?
If everyday you're rushing around doing things in different orders and forgetting to do things, then it's probably time for some change. A little change can be a good thing especially a change to consistency. Habits and schedules are one way of being more consistent. They can also help you manage your time as well.
How you can become more productive...
Having a schedule and habits can help you get things in order with less disarray. If you don't really have any habits, that is why you feel so inconsistent and jumbled. Choose one habit to start. It can be big or small. Your best bet, it to pick one that can affect you in a positive way and better help you achieve goals that you have. Starting a new habit can actually be kind of hard. First, you have to remember to do it every day. When you have the urge to just not do the new habit one day, try harder. If you skip some days, then you are continuing to be inconsistent. The whole point of starting a new habit is to use your willpower to create a habit that will help you stay on track. You want your habit to just starting happening naturally, without you putting much effort in to it. Give yourself a month to pick up this new habit of your choice. The next month, try it again choosing a different new habit and make sure you still do the previous habit. Also, you can try to create a schedule for yourself. It doesn't have to be extremely specific, but it should consist of blocks of time for you to focus on a task to complete. You may have a schedule of working for an hour then taking a 10 minute break. Then, work for an hour, take a 10 minute break, work for an hour, take a 30 minute lunch, work for an hour, and so on. Each hour you should be focused on doing only one thing and completing it. After a break, the next hour should be spent focusing on and completing another task. A time schedule can make you much more productive.
Is your work desk disorganized and your home messy?
You may be trying so hard to be productive that you don't really straighten up. You're too busy working and making time for yourself that you don't have extra time to spend on cleaning. You may be surprised to know that you would be more productive if you were organized.
How you can become more productive...
If you are messy, you're probably wasting time looking for things. Wasting time is never a part of being productive. If you are organized, you will feel less stress and you will always be able to easily find anything that you are looking for. Clearing off your work desk can help clear off your mental desk. A lot of people may not even realize it, but if you live in a messy house it is sometimes harder to relax. It can become annoying to walk around things, and step over things, and search through piles of clothes for something to wear. Just start cleaning up. If you don't need it, throw it away. If you need to keep it, organize it. Have your work desk clear. Organize any papers or anything that you have. If you will need to reference them in the future, come up with some type of filing system so that you can easily find them. You don't have to go nuts and have everything perfect, but remove clutter and organize things to easily be found and you won't waste time and energy trying to find misplaced things.
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Monday, February 6, 2012

How To Be Productive and Achieve Success

PALO ALTO, CA - JULY 06:  Facebook CEO Mark Zu...Image by Getty Images via @daylifeSuccess may be happiness, job security, making a lot of money, or achieving a goal. Everybody's idea of success may be different. However, a way to get success for everyone is to be productive.
What exactly does productive mean? Being productive is creating, producing abundantly, bringing about a result.
Being productive and achieving isn't something that happens overnight. You have to work hard, train yourself, have willpower, and have motivation. Being productive also means managing your time, having habits, following a schedule, focusing, being organized, and avoiding distractions.
If you live life being lazy it can actually be hard. You probably won't have a lot of money or success. If you live life working hard it can make life easier. You will be able to get most of the things that you want.
The following are a dozen steps to help you become more productive and therefore more successful.
1. Stop doing things that drain your energy and won't help lead to success.
Think about everything you do in a day. There is probably something that you do, that you might be able to skip without having any negative effects. Eliminating unnecessary things saves you time and energy.
2. If you don't have any habits, start one.
Pick anything that can help you in some aspect of your life. It could be waking up early, working out, pretty much anything. Give yourself about a month to master it. It will be hard, but don't give up. Habits help you develop a routine and a schedule which will keep you on time, and getting things done quickly.
3. Stop doing any bad habits.
Bad habits are a waste of time and energy. Stop doing them and make more time for starting new positive habits. A bad habit to stop is being messy. Disorganization is not good for being productive. So if you tend to have a disorganized desk, closet, or house change it. You probably waste so much time searching for things you need.
4. When you work avoid distractions and interruptions.
Don't constantly check your cell phone, e-mail and Facebook. You need to focus on whatever task you have at hand, not what your friends might be messaging you about. Focus on what you're doing and you will actually get the task done faster. To keep your focus, don't answer phone calls. Set aside time to call people back later and also to check your e-mails. It's like having a designated distraction time.
5. Eat a healthy breakfast.
It sets a good tone to the rest of your day. Eating a nutritious breakfast will also help you stay full and awake. Also, make sure you eat lunch and dinner. You need to be physically and mentally energized. Plus, if your stomach is growling and you are hungry, you will be distracted.
6. Get plenty of sleep every night.
Some nights it may seem impossible to get enough sleep because you have so much to do. However, you need at least 7 hours of sleep. It keeps you energized so you are logically, emotionally, and physically ready for each day. If you are tired, you will move slowly and it will be hard to think at full speed and be as productive as you can be. If you didn't get enough sleep the night before, make time for a short nap after eating your lunch.
7. Focus on one task at a time, don't multi-task or become distracted.
While multi-tasking seems efficient, it isn't always. In order to be most productive you should focus everything on one thing at a time. When that task is complete you can take a break and then move on to the next thing with complete focus. The more focus, the quicker and easier a task becomes.
8. Take breaks.
Working not stop will wear you out. You will feel so drained and you probably won't be very happy. Take frequent breaks even if it's only a break to stand up and stretch or to get a drink. You need at least a minute to relax before having to focus again. Plus, if you work at a computer it is good to give your eyes a break from the screen.
9. Practice a talent over and over until it is a great strength.
If you have a talent that can lead to success, take advantage of it. It may not be perfected so practice and practice until you are very good at it. Then use the strength to get what you want, to get success.
10. Manage yourself, to manage your time.
You can't stop time, you can't turn all the clocks back. So, if you want to have good time management skills, you need to manage yourself. Keep yourself focused, on track, and on time. Give yourself deadlines even if you really don't have any. Avoid distractions that can use up your time and cause you to get things done late. Resist the urge to be lazy and procrastinate. Managing yourself takes a lot of willpower and it may take some time, but it can be done.
11. Use willpower to get things done, but not so much that you have none left.
Managing yourself and starting new habits will take some willpower. Using willpower is a good thing, but keep in mind that you can't use all your energy to force yourself to do something that you really don't want to. If you spend so much time and energy forcing yourself into something, you won't even have any time or energy left to complete whatever it is. You have to slowly stop the resistance. This may take some time.
12. Try to keep yourself in check, emotionally and physically.
Sometimes your body feels energized, but your mind is just out of it. You can't seem to concentrate or do things right because you are upset or worrying about something else. Then, there are other times when you want to do things, but your body is tired. You need to keep both sides of you in good shape. Sleep, eating, and exercise can help both your mind and your body. You can even try meditation. Taking breaks is another way to keep yourself in check. These things are so important, but if you are conflicted it is very difficult to be productive. You need to use your different sides together to be your best and most productive self.
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Who Can Blog?

Blogging is basically an online journal that is a website with posts listed from newest to oldest. Bloggers post new content as often as they link and people can read and comment on the posts. Many blogs are updated either daily or weekly. With the speed and efficiency of the internet, people like be up-to-date and always have new information at their finger tips.
BEDFORD, NH - JANUARY 25:  A wooden egg is see...Image by Getty Images via @daylifeBlogs are typically used as a form of expression that can reach worldwide. Bloggers can be anybody, teens, moms, doctors, whoever. Bloggers can tell personal stories, write their opinion on current issues, promote political or social issues or write poetry. Whatever the subject matter of a blog is usually remains the subject matter always. Most blogs are focused on one particular topic such as pets, fashion, marketing, parenting, or a specific political issue. Bloggers are usually very interested and knowledgeable about what they write. Although the subject matter always stays relevant, bloggers can write whatever they want. Photos and videos can also be posted on blogs.
Although most blogs are generally the same there are a few different things bloggers can choose. Blogs can be private or public and while some people blog for fun, others blog professionally.
Private blogs are basically just online journals. Only the blogger and other people that have been approved are able to view the blog. Private blogs are just a way for someone to get their feelings out without the chance of the wrong person reading their feelings and thoughts. For someone that needs to vent or wants to keep a digital diary, private blogs are a good option.
BEDFORD, NH - JANUARY 25:  Former Minnesota Go...Image by Getty Images via @daylifePublic blogs are the most common and are available to any internet user. Bloggers that want to promote a cause or inform people choose public blogs. Public blogs allow people to reach others that may share the same opinions of feelings.
People often blog for their own personal reasons, they want to express their feelings, keep in touch with friends, create a change, etc. Blogs created for personal reasons can be fun and don't require any effort in promoting the blog or putting ads on the blog.
Some people turn blogging into a career. Believe it or not, bloggers can earn an income. Bloggers can be hired by a company and get paid per post or for how many views the blog gets. Bloggers can also get paid when blog viewers click on the ads that are featured on the blog. It professionally takes a lot of motivation and dedication. Many professional bloggers work from home and they need to spend a lot of time promoting the blog. Some professional bloggers can manage multiple blogs and are constantly updated all of them.
It is for everyone. It doesn't matter what education level a person is or what their interests are. Anyone can blog for fun and some people enjoy blogging so much they make it their job.
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Sunday, February 5, 2012

When and How to Hire Guest Bloggers

Blog of the day once againImage by the Italian voice via FlickrGuest bloggers can be very helpful for a successful blogger who doesn't always have the time to constantly update their blog. If a blogger is overwhelmed, going on vacation, sick, etc. and won't be able to make new posts, a guest blogger can make posts and ensure the blog remains successful. Not making new posts for an extended amount of time can really hurt a blog. There is always competition in blogging and blog readers will go to a competitor if the blog they normally follow fails to update. The internet has led everyone to expect things quickly and if blogs aren't updated at least weekly, they are likely to lose traffic.
So, where can a blogger find a guest blogger? The best place to look for guest bloggers is online. There are many different freelance writer websites and job boards. On these websites bloggers may be searching for new opportunities or a job so they can make some extra money. On freelance websites, there are a lot of experienced writers, they may not be bloggers, but they may be very creative and able to write well. Bloggers can advertise for a guest blogger. Posting the job listing on message boards related to the blog's topic is another option. On one of these websites post a detailed description of what the job entails and how long it will last. Depending on the circumstances a guest blogger may be needed for a couple posts or for a couple weeks. Bloggers may also request that applicants send writing samples or links to blogs they have written. This ensures the person has good writing skills. A blogger does not want to hire someone with poor writing skills because that will hurt their blog, not help.
If multiple people respond to the job listing, the blogger will have to make a careful selection. Writing samples or clips can sometimes make the decision easy. Bloggers want to hire someone with writing experience. Giving possible guest bloggers a short assignment to complete can also ensure that they are responsible and will make posts on time. Asking for references and contacting them is another way a blogger can find out more about someone they might hire to help with their blog.
Before hiring anyone blog owners need to decide how they will compensate the guest blogger. Most likely the compensation will involve money. However, some guest may take on the opportunity if they can post a link to their own blog. Free advertisement and increased traffic may mean more to some people than a little bit of money. A combination of advertising and money may also be an appropriate compensation. This will have to be agreed upon by the blog owner and the guest. The agreement should be worked out and documented in some type of contract to eliminate any issues once the job is complete.
Guest bloggers can be very helpful for a blog owner that needs some time off. However, effort has to go into finding the right guest blogger since they are supposed to keep a blog successful, not damage a blog's reputation and decrease traffic.
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Ways to Maintain a Blog

mappa_blogImage by francescopozzi via FlickrKeeping a blog up to date can actually be a lot of work. When it comes to the internet people are demanding, they want everything fast. If a blogger doesn't keep their blog up to date, it won't be successful. People want new posts regularly and will expect them. If no posts are made blog visitors will find a similar blog that does make new posts regularly.
How often a blog is updated is up to the blogger. However, blog visitors will probably expect new posts at least every week. Depending on the topic of the blog and the length of the posts, some visitors may expect updated every couple days or maybe even daily. Bloggers need to pay attention to any comments they get and give the blog viewers what they want. They keep a blog successful, so bloggers need to give them updates when they want them.
There are a few different things a blogger can do to keep their blog up to date. There are some blog publishing software programs that allow a blogger to write posts ahead of time and then set a time for them to be published. This can allow bloggers to make posts daily without actually writing them every day. A blogger can write all their posts at one time and have them post throughout the week. These publishing tools are very helpful and some free software programs may include this tool.
If someone does blogging for a living, they can probably make time to blog every day. The best way to do this is to schedule time to work on the blog every day. Bloggers can think of it like a normal job with designated working hours. Keeping to a set schedule creates consistency and a blog that being successfully maintained. Every blogger may have some days when they are busy and can't make posts however if posts are made every week, a blog should be able to maintain its traffic. Bloggers can also take a few minutes to post a message on their blog explaining why a new blog entry won't be made on a day when the blogger is busy.
If a blogger becomes overwhelmed there is still a way to keep their blog maintained. They can hire guest bloggers. This not only helps a busy blogger keep their blog updated, it also gives blog viewers some variety. Guest bloggers will give readers posts with different writing styles and different perspectives than the normal blogger. This can be slightly risky because not all blog readers may enjoy the changes. Bloggers can poll readers about guest bloggers or read any comments that are left.
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Saturday, February 4, 2012

WordPress Blogging Software

English: Wordpress Template Hierarchy. עברית: ...Image via WikipediaWordPress is a great option for bloggers looking for free software. WordPress makes publishing blogs easy and the software even offers templates for bloggers. For someone just starting their own blog, WordPress is the way to go.
It's easy to use the software, bloggers can choose from a variety of templates and WordPress even offers support for bloggers who need help. There are a lot of different options when it comes to blogging software, this article will offer information on why bloggers should consider using WordPress.
When choosing between different software it is important to be aware of all the features. WordPress provides not only templates and support as previously mentioned, but also includes features such as spell check, autosave, ability to easily tag, tracking of statistics, different privacy settings, and also allows bloggers to easily post audio and video files. All these features can be extremely useful to any blogger, however every blogger has their own personal preferences about what features they find important. Choosing WordPress will depend on the individual blogger and what they expect out of their software. Looking into different software and all the features will help a blogger make the right software decision.
If someone is new to the blogging world and just starting their blog with WordPress, they will probably be surprised at how quick and easy it is. With WordPress a blog can be created in a matter of minutes. Only an e-mail address and username are required. A password and activation link are then sent to the blogger and the start up process is basically complete. So, WordPress may be just right for impatient individuals.
The support that WordPress provides is very important to many bloggers. The support includes contacting support staff, and online forums where bloggers can help each other. The forums are available 24 hours a day, so bloggers won't even have to wait to receive help. First time bloggers usually have a lot of questions and sometimes require help. The further into the blogging process they get the more questions they might have about customizing their blogs or advanced features that are new to them. WordPress can even offer answers and help to experienced bloggers.
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Choosing A Blogging Platform

Image representing Blogger as depicted in Crun...Image via CrunchBaseBloggers should take their time in finding the right platform for them. If a bloggers chooses the wrong platform, they could have a bad blogging experience. The right platform can make blogging easy and enjoyable.
The best platforms are ones that are user-friendly, helpful, yet allow for customization. Bloggers may need some help, especially if they are new, but they still want their blog to be unique. This balance can sometimes be difficult to find. Blogging platforms that allow for the most customization tend to be a little more difficult to use. Platforms that are easy to use, usually have templates and less custom options available.
A blogger has to choose which one in a priority. Experienced bloggers probably already know what they're doing and don't require platforms with tutorials, therefore they go for creating a custom blog. Amateur bloggers tend to need help and are more worried about learning how to blog than how unique their blog is.
There is no one platform that is the best for everyone. Every blogger is different. There are a lot of blogging platforms out there so choosing the right platform, takes research, but it's worth it. While the large number of platforms available it can be confusing to choose only one. However, it is also good that there are so many platforms because it allows every blogger to find a platform to fit their needs.
When searching for the right platform there are some websites that over comparisons. These are helpful in showing what platform goes best with blogger priorities, comparing them side by side. Reviews aren't always the most helpful, because an inexperienced blogger is likely to complain about an advanced platform, while an experienced blogger with web design skills is likely to complain about a platform that doesn't allow enough custom options.
Bloggers should try to find the top platform, the one that everybody is using. Bloggers need to know their priorities, what they want out of a platform and find one that meets those requirements.
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Friday, February 3, 2012

Blogging From Your Cell Phone

powers iPhone many other cell phones and smll ...Image via WikipediaWhen people think of blogging they think about the computers and the internet, but there is a new form of blogging, Mobile blogging. Almost everybody has cell phones nowadays with so many Smartphones that connect right to the internet it is no surprise that people can blog from their phone.
All types of people use their cell phones to send e-mails and update Facebook statues, now bloggers are using their phones to frequently and conveniently update their blogs. Bloggers can make posts about something they see when they are away on vacation or make a post about something they are thinking about while they are sitting in their doctor's waiting room. It allows bloggers to be limitless.
Bloggers love being able to make posts frequently and quickly. Now bloggers can make posts about something while it's still happening.
With a cell phone in hand, bloggers can be pretty much anywhere in the world while updating their blog. Bloggers can be at a location where a good or bad event is happening and post photos or videos. Cell phone technology is really changing how the world gets information. Mobile blogging is great for people interested in news blogging. They can make posts about events before news stations even get word of them.
Bloggers can now post photos and videos from sporting events, political speeches, crime scenes, concerts, etc. It's almost like live news coverage. Mobile blogging is a way to make blogging more exciting. Also, it may lead to even more people being interested in reading blogs. It could greatly increase blog traffic.
Mobile blogging also lets bloggers get out into the world and see exciting things first hand. Bloggers are no longer stuck in their homes and only able to update from their computers. Bloggers will probably still use their computers most of the time, but in the future mobile blogging may become even more of a trend. Every year more advanced cell phones come out which will probably lead to more mobile blogging.
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How To Make A Blog Stand Out

English: Blogs on JoopeAImage via WikipediaWith the amount of blogs that exist, it can be hard for a blogger to make their website stand out, however it is possible. Bloggers need their website to be more unique and attention grabbing then others.
The first step to achieving this is to find a niche. Bloggers need to find a topic that they enjoy writing about and one that fills a need. If there aren't any blogs on a specific topic, and a blogger creates one, they will get traffic because there is no competition. Bloggers don't want to have too many competitors because then their traffic may be lower. Filling a demand for a specific type of blog definitely makes a blog stand out.
If a blogger isn't having any luck finding a topic that isn't already being covered then there is another option. Bloggers can create a blog on any topic and make it stand out in other ways. Other readers something that no other blog offers. Take the good things that other blogs do and then change them a little bit and do them even better. If there are two similar blogs, but one is more exciting and offers more, readers will go to that one.
Using other bloggers' strategies and turning them into inspiration and success is the best way to go. Learning from the best and seeing what works, can eliminate mistakes from being made. Plus, bloggers can then add their own extra flair, express their unique personality and have a very appealing blog that will get a lot of traffic.
The content of a blog is a major part of its success, however if the content is very unique and interesting, the blog design has to be too. Blogs need to be visually appealing while still being different from the rest. Many bloggers use templates for their blogs, however a customized blog design is great option if a blogger knows how to do some web design. A blog design should be attention grabbing without being too overwhelming. A blog still needs to be read so, the colors of a blog shouldn't hurt a reader's eyes or make it difficult to read the text.
Once a blog is unique in content and design the blogger need to promote it. Getting the word out about a blog is important. No matter how great a blog is, it can't be successful unless people know about it. Promoting a blog through ads, on social network websites, and on message boards and forums are the most common blog advertising tactics.
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Thursday, February 2, 2012

Creating a Money-Making Blog

Česky: Toto je ikona pro sociální síť. Je souč...Image via WikipediaAs blogging has become more popular, more bloggers are able to turn their hobby into a way to make a profit. Some people that are dedicated to blogging, make it their job, while others figure they might as well make money from something they'd be doing anyways. There are different ways to make money from a blog, this article will discuss the most common ones.
Bloggers can choose to sell advertising space to different companies or websites. The best way to do this is to sell the ad space to businesses that can benefit from reaching your readers. If your blog has the same target audience as the business, they will probably be willing to pay more for the ad space.
Finding sponsors that are willing to pay for ad space on your blog can be a little tricky. Most bloggers use Google AdSense, it's one of the easiest ways a blog can make money. It is easy and doesn't really require much from the blogger, AdSense decides what ads to put on the blog. However, this way does tend to make the blogger less money than if they found their own sponsor. Finding companies and directly selling ad space to them, is more difficult, but tends to mean more money for the blogger. Bloggers should have some understanding of sales, proposals, and negotiating compensation when taking this route. Companies will probably only consider a blog is it has a fairly large readership, so that is something to consider before putting in hours trying to find a sponsor.
Another way for bloggers to make money is to find a company that wants their own blog created. An experienced and well-established blogger can get hired by a company, to create, design, write, and update a blog. The blog's purpose is to develop a positive brand for the company. The blog will work as a friendly way to reach customers and attract new customers. This can be a great job for a blogger to take on, if they can design a blog and produce quality posts.
No matter what route a blogger takes, there are ways to make money in the blogging world. Some ways take a lot of time, some take a lot of effort, and many take both, but for a dedicated blogger it can be well worth it.
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Choosing Between Free Blogging Websites

English: Dangerous websites by category pie chartImage via WikipediaFree blogging websites are a great choice for many bloggers, especially beginners. However, there are so many different free websites, that bloggers often don't know where to begin.
Bloggers want to start out in the best way possible and it can be very confusing and overwhelming to choose between all the blog-hosting websites. There are large blogging websites, that are very prominent or there are smaller websites that can be great too.
So, what free blogging websites are the best? Well, that's up to the blogger because not all bloggers have the same priorities.
Larger websites tend to be more reliable. They have more users therefore more people would be affected by any issues, and the more money they could lose. These large, established sites rarely crash or have serious technical problems. It is less likely for these websites to go out of business also, so bloggers don't have to worry about losing their blog.
Some bloggers decide to go with smaller websites. Reasons for doing so include the fact that smaller sites are more unique, they don't have thousands or millions of bloggers with similar looking blogs. Some bloggers also just like to go with the underdog, and who knows someday one of those small blogging websites could become the top one and the bloggers that have been on it for years will be very proud of their part in the success.
It really doesn't matter what type of free blogging website a blogger chooses, it is really about personal preference and what is important to them.
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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Is News Blogging Good or Bad?

OSTERLEY PARK, ENGLAND - MARCH 03: A sign hang...Image by Getty Images via @daylifeSome bloggers choose to write about new stories as soon as they happen. This is usually left up to news channels and newspapers, but with modern technology and the speed of the internet, bloggers are now telling news.
News blogs aren't a very common type of blog, but they are definitely exciting blogs and sometimes even controversial. Bloggers can post updates instantaneously without having to conduct interviews and have an editor read the posts. Newspapers report yesterday's news and news channels only report during their scheduled times, so blogs have an advantage. Many people are very accepting of this new and exciting news source.
How do bloggers know about news stories when they happen? With cell phones having cameras people can now take pictures and videos when they are at the scene of a crime or during some kind of newsworthy event. People can send these photos to others and they can quickly end up on the internet where blogs see them and starting making posts before the media even gets a chance to report. Many people like this new blog reporting, because they feel like they are getting their news in a more personal way without the media editing it at all.
On the other hand, some people still prefer newspapers and television news. Blogs don't need to be checked and edited so they can post news faster, however this also leads to more opportunity for mistakes. Bloggers aren't trained journalists and they don't have fact checkers. The quick spreading of news on blogs sometimes leads to a large spread of false information.
News blogging is controversial with people for and against it, but it is not likely to go away anytime soon.
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Personal Blogs

Blogging is very personal for a lot of bloggers. They choose to write about their personal experiences, thoughts, and feelings. make up a huge percentage of blogs and they are almost like online memoirs or documentaries.

Some bloggers dedicate their blogs to creative writing such as poetry and short stories, however most bloggers choose to document their own lives. Blogs are being used as a new form of documentaries, that don't involve any filmmaking.

There are many bloggers that simply makes posts every day about how their day was. What they did, what was good, what was bad, etc. They document each day as if they need to keep records of a historical moment. Most bloggers may do it just so they can vent, but it ends up being so much more. In the future, people may use today's blogs as a historical lesson of how people used to live.

Simple things like where someone went, what they bought and what they thought can be very interesting to not only friends and family members of the blogger, but to complete strangers that live a very different life. Some people enjoy reading blogs written by someone experiencing the same things as them, while others read blogs to see what other types of lives people have.

As previously mentioned, are usually just used as an outlet for people to express their feelings and thoughts. There usually isn't much of a goal for a personal blog, but the result is an online journal, a record, a documentary. Although, bloggers may not start their personal blog with a specific goal in mind, they usually do want people to read their blog and to leave comments. Bloggers want to express themselves and know that someone somewhere is interested in them.

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