Sunday, March 1, 2009

takemoneyfree Tip adsense

takemoneyfree tip is about how to Optimal Ad Positioning ?

The position of your ads will have a great impact on whether your
readers pay attention to your ads, and as a result it will affect
your CTR (Click Thru rate ) as well.

You want your ads to be in the center and middle of the page - to
make sure that they get maximum visibility. Of course, you still
have to make them look like part of the text, otherwise you'll just
turn readers off and they will close the page instead of clicking
on a link or an ad.

This tip relates to all "advertisements". This is why 'contextual
ads' work so well. Contextual ads are links placed directly in the
content of your webpages. They usually promote affiliate products,
but some work similar to PPC publishing where you're paid

Contextual ads work so well because they appear as related content.
They don't appear as 'blatant ads', so the readers don't turn on
their ad-blinders. We'll talk more about this when we discuss
other ways to monetize your sites.

There are two ways to place AdSense ads inside content:

One: Place rectangle ads (such as 250 x 250) above the content
(below the heading, above the content body) - so if you had a page
on "dog training" it would go something like:


250 x 250 rectangle adblock

rest of the page content

Two: Place rectangle ads inside the content (aligned to the right
or left) and let the content wrap around them.

I personally prefer the second option, as it allows you to put ads
in a prominent location without giving your website a spam look,
but in some cases if it is implemented right you can pull off the
first strategy as well

that's all for today
In coming few days, I will give you another adsense Tip stay tune