Wednesday, May 5, 2010

How to choose affiliate program?

Here are some matters that I look for earlier joining an affiliate
m. They are items I feel are imperative to being made a
successful affiliate program .

1. The affiliate program has a large payment structure. For me, a
high commission that is also a high percentage of the purchase price
is important. Nothing under 25% commission.

2. Make sure the affiliate program you are joining has a well design
site. You do not want to be sending your traffic   to a website that you do
not like yourself.

3. Make sure they offer a comprehensive affiliate statistics page 
that lists the number of ctr, number of sales and amount
earned. This should be broken down per month.

4. Also make sure that the affiliate statistics are updated
automatically and immediately. You do not want to find out nowadays
about a sale you made a week ago.

5. Find Out they give a great assortment of text links , banners and
graphics to place on your website. Although I prefer text links,
certain types of banners and graphics still work good.

6. Know how frequently you are getting payment. If you are flipping up
between three programs and one pays weekly and the another pays quarterly,
the one that pays monthly is best. You do not want to look months
before getting paid for your hard work!

7. See if the affiliate program gives examples of how the lead
affiliates are doing. This can be a good pointer to whether it is
good or not. If some affiliates are earning many thousands per month,
it is a good affiliate program.

8. On these lines also see if they give examples of what  marketing method acting these winning affiliates are using to find the
best results.

9. An affiliate program that provides a special day-to-day newsletter just
for the affiliates is great. Here you can find extra tips and
techniques that are playing best.

10. Find Out if they offer email notification when you make a sale or get
an affiliate signed up under you (if it is a 2-tier program). It is
good to see `You have made another sale' in your in box.

11. Ensure top level support is given. If they cannot solution your
query straight away make sure they can respond within 48 hours.

There is great demand for affiliate programs and choosing the
right one is no easy project. Make sure you do plenty of search before
joining one.