Saturday, December 12, 2009

How Increasing Google Adsense earnings

Increasing Google Adsense earnings can take time. Your website or blog is crawled by Google's Googlebot and then indexed to be made available in the search results. If you write a blog post or add a new page and hope to get traffic immediately after the content is published then you’re not being realistic. It can take several hours or days to get found on Google search results. You can improve your chances though and get instant traffic by promoting your content to Social Networks, like Digg, Facebook, Delicious, Reddit, Stumble Upon, Technorati, etc. Even if your article or content is never indexed by Google, Yahoo, or Bing you can still get tons of traffic from submitting your website to other websites.
Difficulty: Challenging

1. Step 1

To increase Google Adsense earnings you will have to analyze how you currently earning money publishing ads on your website. Do you use Google Analytics to determine where your website traffic is coming from? You should! Analytics will tell you exactly what people are searching for when they come to your site, where they spend most of the time, and even what country they're from. By knowing all of these things you will be able to focus your attention towards a specific demographic or market. If some articles get no traffic, and other get thousands of hits. Well its pretty obvious on what type of content you should focus your writing on.

2. Step 2

Ad placement is huge. Look at other competitor sites. Are they using text link ads or image ads. Where are they placing their Google Adsense Ads? Do you ads compare to theirs? If your struggling to get results then try copying other websites Google Adsense strategies and see if anything changes. If your results get worse, then try again, if they get better then don't think you’re done because they could probably be better. Always remember to place your Google Adsense ads in areas that look attractive on your website. Make the ads look and feel like they are part of the site. Don't annoy people with bad ad placement and never force them to click on the ads.

3. Step 3

To increase Google Adsense earnings and traffic to your website start researching keywords and keyword phrases. Use the Google Keyword Tool to see the exact phrases and words people are searching for in the Google Search Engine. Try looking for keywords and phrases that have less traffic and less people advertising. These phrases are often easier to get ranked on the first page. As you learn more about search engine optimization you'll eventually find ways to get organic or unpaid traffic from Google search results. You can literally save thousands of dollars by writing good titles and quality content for your website and never have to advertise a cent.

4. Step 4

We all want the same thing, visitors, and people to click on our Google Adsense ads. So in order to get those clicks you need to create a reason for someone to come to your website and a reason to stay and come back over and over again. If you’re not getting steady flow of traffic you would like to have try adding a forum, chat room, photos, images, games, music, etc. Don't flood your website with this entire dynamic website content at once, use what's need and remember to put yourself in the eyes of other people browsing the web. Would you come back to your site or click back and search again? When you can answer yes, I like the looks of this site and I think others will too - then you’re on the right track. To get a good idea of what sites people enjoy go to and look at the top 500 websites in the world.