Monday, October 4, 2010

How to creates SEO copy-writing?

Starting with SEO copy-writing creates lot of confusions with website content writing. But in reality there is a huge difference like both the things are just separate poles. Writing contents is not a very tough as long as SEO is attached with it. As soon as, search engine optimization gets attached, it makes a lot of difference. Search engine optimization copywriting is the textual composition that emphasizes on various wordings that formulates the content of the website and help in bringing the website on the top position in the search result pages. While forming the content of the site it should be designed in a way that, it should start with the title tag, Meta tag. The title tag should properly describe what the site is all about. The content should maintain the keyword density along with the keyword frequency. The content should hold appropriate links to various other pages. 10 Clues that will Guide you: Clues that will help you for SEO copy-writing and will better guide you to understand the difference between the normal website content writing and the SEO copywriting. To achieve the proper SEO copywriting few things should be taken care off, which can be enlisted as follows: - Researching proper keywords will help you to get large quality traffic at your website. So, the keyword searching is important to get the large volume of traffic at your website as, the web users search by the keywords. - The title text should be appropriate. It should exactly match with the content of the website. It should not describe extra, which is not included in the main content. - Make use of the header H1, H2...tags as these tags can easily crawl by the search engine crawlers. The heading must contain header tag and not the images. - Highlight the occasional appearance of the keywords throughout the content. That will help to enhance the searching criteria. - One should not make over usage of the keywords in a particular page as it looks like keyword stuffing. Moreover there is no meaning of putting the keywords unnecessarily in a single page for number of times. - While giving any references to the external websites, make sure to provide a link pointing to the source. - While using images in the content, make sure to describe the reason for which it has been placed. Otherwise it would have no use to put it in the content because the crawlers can never read images it is necessary to provide alternate texts. - Be sure to include the company's details and the contact person's details and the correct contact number. It will help the other person to contact you when needed. The contact details should be included either in the contact page or somewhere else. - Using of recognizable fonts is important. Everyone does not have the same set of fonts as of yours. So, choosing of font should be appropriate so that it can be readable by everyone. - Your SEO friendly copy should be humorous. People want to read the things that you think which should be conveyed in a very simple terms. At the same time, it should be remembered that few keywords are necessary for your content to get searched easily by the crawler. All these tips will definitely guide you to write a SEO friendly copy which will achieve user friendliness along with search engine friendliness. ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Tyler Pratt writes about Marketing in his FREE 50 part courses on Marketing. You can sign up for his free Marketing Free Courses and get additional information at his website:

Saturday, October 2, 2010

How to improve your site search engine optimization?

How to improve your site search engine optimization? SEO or search engine optimization is considered to be the best process of optimizing the content of the page with attractive keywords in order to increase the traffic on your website. The traffic visiting your website in this way is totally unpaid and is the result of your good writing work. There is another alternative to increase the traffic in which the advertiser is required paying the traffic on the basis of pay per click. It is becoming very difficult to compete with your competitors in the search engines. The solution to this is to optimize the content of your page with less competitive keywords in the initial stage. You need to search for the niche which is profitable and has less competitive keywords. For further help, use the Keyword Suggestion Tool of Google in order to increase your keyword list. You can look for SEO firm to optimize your page content. While choosing a quality SEO firm, there are some elements regarding the search engine rankings that should looked upon. The SEO firms should use white hat SEO on-page and off-page optimization tools and techniques. The white hat means that the firms make active use of SEO techniques and Google's algorithms. The SEO services usually offered by the SEO firms regarding on-page SEO techniques are analysis of the targeted keywords, optimization of the internal website links or back links, title and description of the content, provide images relating to the content that are SEO friendly, Google XML sitemap and ensures proper JavaScript code. Similarly, the SEO firms also provide off-page SEO techniques such as increase in the number of inbound links, relevant exchange links (reciprocal), one way inbound link to homepage, posting the articles to various blogs having keyword-oriented content, article submission to famous article directories, maintaining social networking in Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook and many more. These firms should also maintain the reports of SEO analysis of the competitors of your choice so that you can check out your mistakes and progress in the right direction. If the SEO firms are able to provide these services with accurate monthly reports, then they can be very helpful to make your website popular among your competitors. SEO marketing is an easy task and requires hard work with smartness. Therefore, first choose some of the SEO firms and compare each of them regarding their services as well as prices. Finally, select the one that best suits your work and personality. ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Tyler Pratt writes about Marketing in his FREE 50 part courses on Marketing. You can sign up for his free Marketing Free Courses and get additional information at his website: This post brought to you by takemoneyfree