Saturday, December 25, 2010

What is Organic SEO?‏

Organic SEO Rankings Can Increase Web Visibility by 67%
Organic SEO is the procedure of getting your website ranked high in
the Search Engine 1-10 positions on Google, Yahoo, AOL, & now Bing.
Each Search Engine calls for a different SEO Process, but if you
Optimize your website for Google, then that is a great start.
SEO / Search Engine Optimization can be very complex and will
involve many fundamentals for good rankings on the Search Engines.
We have outlined a few. Each Optimization process ties into each
other. One of the most important factors that we have found as an
SEO company is doing the correct research on the company we take
on, such as knowing their industry, competing companies, location,
target market, and the correct layout of our clients website, which
plays a major role in how we Optimize their website.
Once we have ran a few SEO Stress Test on our clients website then
we will proceed with the research and begin to build a SEO Blue
Print with a some basic steps that we have follow to obtain high
Organic Rankings via the Search Engines. Below are some basics and
a brief explanation of what they mean, without getting into to much
SEO jargon.
Search Engines will look for these pieces of information located in
the websites source coding. Since Search Engine Robots/Spiders can
not read images they follow html code.
Keywords- Are what you would like your website to rank on the
Search Engines when a prospect types in a word or a long-tail
stream of words. Looking and adding the right keywords to your
website source code calls for extensive research on your
competition, GEO targeting your prospects, and what a prospect will
type in. There are may elements to keyword research, it used to be
a 1 to 3 keyword term was the best now studies show 3 to 6 words
per keyword is the best option now. Most Searchers are starting to
use Questions, Area Codes, Zip Codes, Cities, Counties, States, and
then some. Selecting the right terms for your website will make or
break your SEO Process.
Meta Tags- Meta elements provide information about a given Web
page, most often to help search engines categorize them correctly.
They are inserted into the HTML document, but are often not
directly visible to a user visiting the site. Typical Meta info is
Title, Keywords, & Description. Since the Search Engines do not
weight results completely on Meta Tags because of the abuse from
some SEO Companies, you have to add other Optimization procedures
to the SEO process.
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Website Content- Well looks pretty self explanatory, on the other hand it is not. Search Engines do require good and precise content that is written for the end user which is a prospect for you. Most Search Engines will ask that a web page consist of about 1000 words. Now here is the tricky part, how do you develop keyword density that is written for the Search Engines but also for the prospect. Search Engines have become smarter than most SEO Companies would like to thing. If SEO Companies had content that was not keyword stuffed or with hidden keywords on the web page then we would not have this problem. There is a formula that calls for keyword density that depends on the amount of content VS. how much value a keyword has. This means that keywords have to be used a certain amount within the content and placed in the right spots located n the web page. Not as simple as just writin content for your website. Header Tags- The to tags are used to define HTML headings. defines the largest heading and defines the smallest heading. Header tags are the outlines of the web pages which portrays the attention of the significant information to the users. Are those areas on a web page enclosed by heading tags. example: Position Masters (heading tags vary in weight (size & density) depending on the status of the heading or sub-heading, ie, H1,2,3,4. They are part of HTML language.
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Alt Tags -Text that accompanies an image. If a user has the browser set not to display images, or is using a screen reader, they will rely on this text to tell them what the image is. The text can be seen when hovering the mouse over the image, or is read out in the case of a screen reader. This is very important is you have a website that has a lot of images. Since Search Engines read text and code having Alt Tags are essential so the Search Engines can pick up what the image is and also will add to keyword density in the source code. Above are just a VERY FEW basic steps to follow. Search Engine Algorithms are very tricky and constantly changing. We have done Organic SEO for many different types of companies and we have successfully Organically Ranked them all. SEO / Organic SEO is an Art and a Process that we take pride in. Once we have Optimized your website the fun starts. The purpose of you have a website is so that many prospects see & use your services or buy your products. I hope that this has shed a little light on a subject many do not understand
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Monday, December 20, 2010

SEO Tips on Backlinks - 7 Important Considerations For Your Webs‏

Every serious Internet Marketer is focused and committed to
increasing their page rank (on search engines) and thus improving
their Search engine optimization (SEO). One of the most important
tools used to achieve this is "backlinking"
Backlinks are links on other websites that are directed back to
your website. The importance and popularity of your website is
determined by how many website owners consider a link to your
website, worthwhile. More backlinks equals more love from the
search engines.
Google sets the standards for page ranks because they have the
biggest market share of search engine traffic. However, Google is
interested in 'quality" backlinks to your site. These quality back
links would be backlinks from sites with similar content to yours.
This fact goes a far way in determining the success of your website
and marketing efforts.
A search engine calculates the keyword relevancy for a site based
on the percentage of related content found sites being linked. So,
if you are writing about building a website and links to your site
have nothing to do with building websites, they will not be
considered relevant to your content and will lose page rank or be
totally ignored by the search engine spiders.
There are several ways to achieve higher page ranks by backlinking
but be careful to pay special attention to the following:
1. Avoid link farms (intentional interlinked pages designed to fool
search engines that pages are more important than they really are)
If your site is linked to such sites you will lose page rank or be
ignored by the SE spiders completely. These offending sites usually
use black-hat techniques to drive traffic; have many pages of
outbound links; have no content on their pages.
2. Check on your links and monitor which sites are linking back to
you. If all the links are outbound from your site and no reciprocal
link is coming back to you, the sites on the other end of your out
bound links, is getting all the traffic and page rank. Your site
will be considered a dud.
3. Focus on your target audience and link to sites that have
related content.
4. Do not link to sites that have a zero page rank.
5. Avoid sites that do not have their home page linked to their
link pages. (search engines ignore link pages generally.)
6. Provide HTML code for your links so that they can be copied and
pasted on their link page.
7. Visit websites with high ranking pages in your niche and get in
touch with the site owner. A webmaster will more quickly link to
you when he/she sees that you visited his/her page and the benefits
his visitors would derive by linking to you.
The above techniques, when applied should go a far way in building
a reputation for you and your website and will create for you a
huge targeted following, for FREE!
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Sunday, December 12, 2010

10 Hints That Comprise a SEO Copywriting Handbook‏

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Starting with SEO copy-writing creates lot of confusions with website content writing. But in reality there is a huge difference like both the things are just separate poles. Writing contents is not a very tough as long as SEO is attached with it. As soon as, search engine optimization gets attached, it makes a lot of difference. Search engine optimization copywriting is the textual composition that emphasizes on various wordings that formulates the content of the website and help in bringing the website on the top position in the search result pages. While forming the content of the site it should be designed in a way that, it should start with the title tag, Meta tag. The title tag should properly describe what the site is all about. The content should maintain the keyword density along with the keyword frequency. The content should hold appropriate links to various other pages. 10 Clues that will Guide you: Clues that will help you for SEO copy-writing and will better guide you to understand the difference between the normal website content writing and the SEO copywriting. To achieve the proper SEO copywriting few things should be taken care off, which can be enlisted as follows: - Researching proper keywords will help you to get large quality traffic at your website. So, the keyword searching is important to get the large volume of traffic at your website as, the web users search by the keywords.
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- The title text should be appropriate. It should exactly match with the content of the website. It should not describe extra, which is not included in the main content. - Make use of the header H1, H2...tags as these tags can easily crawl by the search engine crawlers. The heading must contain header tag and not the images. - Highlight the occasional appearance of the keywords throughout the content. That will help to enhance the searching criteria. - One should not make over usage of the keywords in a particular page as it looks like keyword stuffing. Moreover there is no meaning of putting the keywords unnecessarily in a single page for number of times. - While giving any references to the external websites, make sure to provide a link pointing to the source. - While using images in the content, make sure to describe the reason for which it has been placed. Otherwise it would have no use to put it in the content because the crawlers can never read images it is necessary to provide alternate texts. - Be sure to include the company's details and the contact person's details and the correct contact number. It will help the other person to contact you when needed. The contact details should be included either in the contact page or somewhere else. - Using of recognizable fonts is important. Everyone does not have the same set of fonts as of yours. So, choosing of font should be appropriate so that it can be readable by everyone. - Your SEO friendly copy should be humorous. People want to read the things that you think which should be conveyed in a very simple terms. At the same time, it should be remembered that few keywords are necessary for your content to get searched easily by the crawler.
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All these tips will definitely guide you to write a SEO friendly copy which will achieve user friendliness along with search engine friendliness.

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Monday, December 6, 2010

SEO Tips For Making a Website Successful Online Entity‏

Search engine optimization is important aspect of all types and sizes of online business ventures. Even for small businesses its essential to get noticed and get ahead into their venture. Quality of SEO decides the success level of a website, as search engine ranking is highly dependent on this factor but simply good SEO is not enough if the visitors don't find anything exclusive that can make them to stay. Many clients examines a company's website before carrying out any business activities with them, as a site's quality speaks a lot about a company.
 Experts lay stress on sites that are well maintained and have a professional look. Website should be attractive enough to make visitors to browse multiple pages. Updating a website on regular basis is excellent way of conveying to the target customers about the nature of work a company deals into. If the site contains information that is not up to the mark that the potential customers are looking for, then surely its going to disappoint you. Those using older version of technology, would create an impression that the website owner is ignorant about latest technologies that could make the business more efficient.
Thus having outdated information on a site is completely not acceptable. Companies that are genuinely interested in maintaining positive perception of their company would keep the content and technology updated. A website whether big or small would be able to carry out successful business activities only if its easy to get located and found by the masses. From the starting of the online business venture, lay much emphasis on SEO. The best way out to get perfect search engine optimization is by hiring professionals of this field. You can say that is a lucrative investment for your business that decides success or failure. Many site owners have a notion that websites with loads of flash presentation and images can give greater profit to their business.
  But search engine cannot identify flash based images and presentations. Moreover they are high on budget and needs much maintenance plus updating. Thus if a company owner has a site with excessive use of this technology than, they should take professional help to design a balanced website with moderate use of flash and images. There are many websites that have home page or intro page that takes time to load, which creates a bad impression about your company. No matter how attractive these pages are designed, if the visitors are kept waiting than they have more chances of leaving that particular company's site. Thus those were some useful tips for small scale companies who are going to use SEO services for their sites.

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Friday, December 3, 2010

Choosing the Quality SEO Firm For Quality SEO Services‏

SEO or search engine optimization is considered to best Engaging with the process of customizing the content of the page Keywords in order to increase traffic to your website. The way to go to their website's traffic has not fully paid Good writing is the result of his work. There is another option Advertisers pay for traffic that needs to increase Pay per click, depending on the traffic. It is very difficult to compete with your competitors is Search engine. This is the solution to adapt content Early stage with less competitive keywords for your page. You need to search for niche which is profitable at Competitive keywords. For further help, use keyword suggestion Google's tool to increase your keyword list. You SEO firm to optimize your page content to see. While Choosing a quality SEO firm, there are some elements of Search engine rankings that should be looked upon. SEO Companies White hat SEO on page and off page optimization tool should use Technique. White cap means that companies actively use SEO techniques and Google's algorithms. SEO services offered by SEO firms usually at about Page SEO techniques targeted keywords, optimization of the analysis are Internal site links or links back to the title and description Materials, materials that provide images related to SEO Friendly, Google XML Sitemap and ensure appropriate JavaScript code. Similarly, SEO companies also provide off-page SEO techniques such as Number of inbound links, contextual link exchange to increase as (Cross), one way inbound links from the homepage, posting to Keyword-oriented content to various blogs, articles, article Famous submit to article directories, social maintain Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook and many more in the networking. These Companies also must maintain the SEO analysis report Competitors of your choice so that you can check out their mistakes And progress in the right direction. If SEO companies with the right to provide these services are able to Monthly reports, so they can be very helpful to build your website Popular among their competitors. SEO marketing is an easy task Intelligently with the hard work is required. So, first select some of SEO companies and compare each of them about their services as Prices as well. Finally, choose one that best suits their work Personality. ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Tyler Pratt writes about Marketing in his FREE 50 part courses on Marketing. You can sign up for his free Marketing Free Courses and get additional information at his website: