Friday, June 1, 2012

Find Out How You Can Make More Money

FinanceFinance (Photo credit: Tax Credits)In these economic times, you may often wonder "how can I find ways to make more money?" The answer is not as difficult as you may think. Basic knowledge of personal finance states that, in order to decrease your debt or increase your financial freedom, you need to make more money than you spend. Finding ways to increase your income is as easy as grabbing a pencil, a paper, and your brain!
TRADITIONAL JOBS The first and best place to start is to find ways to increase your income by walking a familiar route: day-to-day employment. If you are currently unemployed, then finding a full time job should top your list of things "to do." If you are already working a typical eight hour day, then it might be time for figure out if you have the time or energy to find some part time work to supplement your income.
Let talk dollars and "sense." An additional $100/week income translates into roughly an additionally $5000 a year. If you can find a job that pays you $500/week, you are looking at bringing in an additional $25,000 a year. Not bad if you asked me.
WHAT ARE YOUR TALENTS AND INTERESTS If you are looking for supplemental income or part-time work, then you should spend our time and energy to focus on exploring what your talents and interests are. Ideally, you should find part-time work that either engages you mentally or is fun to do! And wouldn't it be great if that job spoke to both your interests and your talents?
Spend 10-15 minutes over the course of the next day to write down what you like to do and what you are good at. Do this exercise over the course of the next few days to whittle down your likes and dislikes. For example, if you are a pet lover, then working at a kennel or walking dogs could earn you a few extra dollars each week. If you are a painter, why not offer art classes or why not sell your art?
Once you begin this process, the opportunities for earning extra income will start to unfold in front of you.
WHERE TO LOOK FOR EXTRA MONEY Earning extra income can literally change your life. Your income increases and your debt disappears. But where to find the extra work? You could easily scour the thousands of pages of Craigslist ads or head to CareerBuilder for some work--only to respond to an advertisement and throw your resume in with the other hundreds of resumes an HR manager received that day. You could spend the next week, trying to brainstorm creative avenues to make this money, or just follow the advice of someone who has done the leg work for you already!
At, you can find the book that could literally change your financial future and help you start a business or find creative and dynamic ways to bring in an extra income.
If you are unhappy with your current financial situation or even if your just looking for a financial change, then you need to get creative about ways to find extra work and build your financial future.
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