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Takemoneyfree Google AdsenseTips 2

Google AdsenseTips

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Today you should be vaguely familiar with this formula

the AdSense-Site Formula ...

High EPC + High Click-through Rate + Content webpages + Tracking
your AdSense stats = AdSense Profit

You'll notice that we're almost there. The one thing we haven't
talked much about is generating many content-rich pages that will
essentially make up your AdSense sites.

With AdSense, you don't want to sell a one million dollar "click";
you want to sell a million ONE-dollar "clicks".
Why? Because it's much easier to get somebody to click on an ad
that pays you a little for each click than it is to convince
somebody to buy an expensive product. But to make it big using this
method, the AdSense formula, you need targeted, content pages.

There are a few ways to go about this.

1.You can write the content yourself.

2.You can buy public-label-rights (PLR) content and rewrite it.

3.You can 'borrow' content from article directories.

Ideally, the best thing to do would be to create a website with
100% totally fresh and unique content that you've written yourself.
This will ensure you will not get banned from the search engines
for duplicate content penalties.

It's good to write your own content (such as writing a regular
column in your website's newsletter or something of that nature),
but if you started writing all of the content for your targeted
niche topics, you would drown the second you had to expand beyond 1
or 2 sites. So creating all of the content yourself becomes a major

So - what I recommend you do is use all
three strategies.

The key is to mix and match various content sources. You don't want
to create hundreds of sites with just duplicate content as a long
term goal, because even if it was OK today, it doesn't mean it will
be tomorrow. Today's myth can be tomorrow's reality.

stay tune I will give you another Tip..

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