Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Tips to increase free traffic

ant talk with you “how to generate traffic on your site ?”.

I am not professional blog Takemoneyfree only two month old. For last two month I am doing research how to generate free traffic on my site. Now I want shares some Notes about increase traffic.

Most of us who are reading this articles are new in online business. The first challenge faced by them is a lack of traffic.
Now no matter how is look your site and what product you are selling you need traffic to earn money. You have to get the word out about your site and give people reason to visit your site.

If you want to make your site success
Takemoneyfree want to give you good news there are lots of way to effectively advertise your site online and drive ton of traffic on your site…. For free.
As we are new in online market we need to create our web SEO friendly web. All search engine like SEO friendly web. Search engine (GOOGLE,.MSN search, YAHOO) search engine are the back bone of today internet .need find a specific product use search engine, need a fact or a information use a search engine.

Recent data from Internet world stats reveals are almost 101-billion web user worldwide conducting over 210 billion searches per day across the search engine.
First thing we need search friendly web page
Now we need to take a more hands on approach if we want to get noticed and ranked by search engine .we need to strategically “pepper” our copy and HTML code with to performing keyword.

We need to using keyword wisely there are we need mention keyword on the location.
Our keyword are what the search engine spiders will look for in our text and our HTML source code to categorize our website and rank it. By including the right keyword in number of strategic “HOTSPOT” on our site .we can give the search engine an accurate representation of what our site is all about. For keyword suggestion we need to use wordtraker to research keyword for our target market

Takemoneyfree Suggestion 1 :-our domain name

Search engine like when our keyword show in our domain name. Just like this or

Takemoneyfree Suggestion 2:-Well written title tag

Our title tag is one of the most impotent areas of text in our website for two reasons

Most of search engine look at our title tag first when they are spidering our web
Our title tag usually determines what will appear as the title of our site in the search engine results

So need to write title tag very carefully in the title tag must be show our keyword

Takemoneyfree Suggestion 3:-

Our headline and subheads using our keyword in our WebPages headline and subheads is helpful in term of giving our visitors an idea of what our site about

Takemoneyfree Suggestion 4:-

With our web page content in the search engines eyes our web content is very important element of our web site and it is help to page ranking
At least once in our first paragraph of content
At least once in last paragraph of content
A few more mention in the body of our content if we can get away with it

Takemoneyfree Suggestion 5:-

Behind the images
The only thing search engine spiders can digest as they crawl our web is text. Spiders can’t index images so they skip right over them. But by placing keyword with in source code of our images we can transform them into spider food.

Takemoneyfree Suggestion 6:-

Description and meta tag
A keyword meta tag usually site right under our description meta tag .At one time the keyword met tag was essential foe telling the search engine spiders know keyword a web pages was optimized.

Well-organized Site map
The strategies we’ve outlined above will help us optimized individual WebPages for the search engine spiders. But why stop there?
All a search engine spider know of your site is individual pages it is currently crawling and indexing to get crawl your other pages you need to give it trail to follow and that’s exactly what a well organized site map can do a good site map links all of the pages of your website back your home page making visitor one click away from every single page on your site if you don’t know where to start to build site map trying google site map generator at map
Simple enter URL of your site and google sends a spider to crawl and index it so it can create a site map for you once it’s built, you can cut and past the sitemap on to your website for free.

Now that I have shown you how to optimized your site for the free search engines .
Takemoneyfree are going to show you how to use the guaranteed fastest source of traffic on the net.
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Thursday, December 20, 2007


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Monday, December 17, 2007

How I improve my free traffic

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How I improve my free traffic

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Saturday, December 15, 2007

Cash crate

Cash crate
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Tuesday, December 4, 2007


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