Tuesday, December 4, 2007


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Anonymous said...

Treasure Trooper is a good site for beginners for sure, but if you are planning on making over $600 in a year you may want to now that they keep their members in the dark about the misc 1099, they but your earnings in box 7 which according to the IRS should be put in box 3. The difference in the boxes is that you get taxed about 15% when your earnings are in box #7 and the percentage for box #3 is much lower. If you receive a 1099 Misc Tax Form and your earnings are in box #7, you should contact the site and ask them to correct the form. If they do not send a form within a reasonable amount of time or the refuse to send you a corrected 1099 MISC Form contact the IRS at: 1-800-829-1040. An IRS agent will then submit a complaint, Form 4598, to the organization that has failed to reissue to reissue you a corrected form. A copy of the complaint will be sent to you along with Form 4598.

Also the Admins in the forums are rather snippy and like to delete posts that may say something truthful that hurt Treasure Trooper even if it's an honest question. Otherwise it is an okay site to earn money from.

JPetals said...

I just read what the above poster wrote, and there is an element of truth about Treasure Trooper. I am under $2 away from making my first payout on the site and can't wait to get my first payment.

I think you have a great site here with great opportunities.

Best of luck,