Thursday, January 21, 2010

How to earn money online?

I began this sub domain on blogger a couple of years back.
     I thought earning money  internet is real simple. I just looked many terms how to make money, free money etc... Many many. I thought, i will earn money easily. I started in many affiliate programs and which makes many members for free and later ask for money. I looked numerous website which says us how to create money  . Most of them had some content. But nothing worthy. Give Thanks god i don't had any CC or other thing. So, i not expend any money in any programs.

I read famous article of Stephen Pierce about how to earn money from Blogging. If you read this article. Then you will be shocked. He was telling how can you make 7 figur in one year from internet. as compared to $76,000 from any other bussines. I think most people will imagine, making that much from is impossible.

Well friends, their is no harm in dreaming. If you can dream big then you have work like that. if you thinking to earn $6,000 from new blog in first year. then you should work hard or work smart. Whatever, A Couple Of people work hard and get success and few people do research and get success.

I know one guy who contributed article like sick on web 2.0 internet site which share its revenue. Well after posting lots of content. He is making big money. So, if you actually wanted to earn money then you have to give a hard effort in terms of everything. What if your 90% effort will waste. But your 10% of effort will gives you 90% of benefits. This is rules works in world. You 10% effort is responsible for your 90%. When i wrote articles on hubs. I earn money from most unexpected hubs. But hubs i was expecting failed. So, experience makes you perfect. It is better to try some thing then nothing. And you will learn more. Make a better different blogs which give money for you regularly.
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