Monday, April 30, 2012

Internet Marketing: Generating Targeted Traffic

All internet marketers will tell you without any customers, you won't make any money. This reality exists. In order to increase sales and realize your prime goal of making money online, you need to increase the amount of traffic to your website. As your traffic increases, you will hopefully see an increase in sales, as well.
Generating traffic is one of the most important and most difficult aspects for new internet marketers. Each has the expectation that as soon as they set up their website, people will begin discovering their website in no time. Unfortunately, nothing could be further from the truth. Initially generating traffic takes dedicated and concerted efforts. And, it may take up to three months for a marketer to see the results he or she is looking for.
Generating traffic is one thing. Generating targeted traffic is another.
"Targeted traffic" is a concept basically stating that everyone who comes to your website is going to be interested in buying your product. For example, if you had a website selling a video series on how to change the oil or the brakes in your car, you would not necessarily promote your website by visiting childcare or knitting forums. You would probably want to spend time in the same circles as car enthusiasts.
There are many ways to develop targeted traffic. Below are just a few of the more popular--and sometimes overlooked--avenues of targeted traffic generation.
Forums - Become an active participant in a few forums that are directly related to your niche. Make sure your posts generally position you as an expert in your field. Over time, leverage relationships with other forum members and remember to use your forum signature box to point to your website.
Commenting on Popular Blogs - In almost the same way that you position yourself in forums, try to do the same when commenting on blogs. Be polite, helpful, and knowledgeable in your comments. To be as efficient as possible in your attempt to generate traffic, spend time reading and commenting the more popular blogs that have higher page ranks.
Set Up Secondary Blogs - Leverage the page rank of other blogging platforms be establishing secondary blogs that will point back to your main website. Set up blogs on, Typepad, LiveJournal, and All you have to do is write a post or two and make sure that you link back to your main site with a keyword rich anchor text.
Don't Forget Web 2.0 - Don't forget other websites that exist that can also help the search engines find you. Using Squidoo, Hubpages, Facebook, and Twitter will all help in increasing relevant visitors to your website.
Article Marketing - Using article directories like EzineArticles also allows you to increase visitors to your website who are interested in what you have to promote. Make sure that you use competitive keywords and make sure that you use you signature link to point back to your website.
Developing traffic is a process that takes some time. Don't overlook its important. Most newbies to the internet scene spend all their time tweaking their websites, finding the perfect plugins, and adding the perfect content. However, too few remember that traffic will help their endeavors pay off. Don't underestimate the power of targeted traffic.
Jay Monroe is passionate about people making money online by creating smart passive income streams. He believes that it is something everyone can participate in, regardless of education level. Follow his free step-by-step approach to financial success.
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Sunday, April 29, 2012

Internet Marketing: Creating Successful Passive Income Streams

The AdSense CodeThe AdSense Code (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Honestly, it really is a great time to be alive. I know that statement sounds incredibly tone-deaf in terms of what is currently happening with the state of global economies and individual finances. But it really is a great time to be alive because--as a result of the internet--you have the opportunity to create successful passive income streams and potentially increase your financial security. Yes, even during these tough times.
First of all, let's be clear what passive income streams are all about. A passive income stream is a manner in which someone generates income with somewhat minimal work from you or from your initial investment. For example, dividends earned from stocks and bonds could be an example of passive income. Rental properties are also considered passive income (although, I think any owner of a rental property would take umbrage with calling his work "minimal"). Examples of passive income streams are all around us. I was driving down the street the other day and noticed a coin operated laundromat. While the profit margins are probably not astronomical, that laundromat is generating its owner income with very little work from the initial investment.
Cash flow generated through this manner typically benefits you in many different ways. Individuals who have money-making endeavors on the side generally do not give up their primary income source, as they like to have the financial security that a 9 to 5 type of job can provide. Where they do benefit is that they are able to pay down their debts, save for incomes, or buy primary and secondary homes with very little strain on their finances. Why? Because this type of income is pure gravy.
There are probably an infinite number of ways that you can use the internet to create the different rivers of cash. In addition, it is important to diversify your income generating portfolio so your earnings don't dry up when a market does. A few years back, people were making millions of dollars getting people to try different offers or services online. The bottom fell out of that market almost overnight because companies were realizing that their was a ton of fraudulent activity going on. This will always serve as a cautionary tale for me as a reason to diversify your different income paths.
Here are the more popular ways to generate money online:
Affiliate Marketing - Generally speaking, affiliate marketing is one of the more popular ways that people make money online. Generally, affiliate marketing is where you set up a website for the sole purpose of highlight, promoting, and selling the products of others. Each time a visitor clicks through to the company from your link, you get a commission of the sale. The great part about this is that the tracking, processing, delivery, and payment of commissions are all handled by the company--not by you. Almost any company that sells a product online has an affiliate program--from Amazon, to INGDirect, to smaller internet marketers.
Blogging and Earning Ad Revenue - Years ago, people often talked about the "secret cash machine" from Google in the form of their AdSense program. It is simple, you set up a blog, you sign-up for free for AdSense, put the AdSense code on your blog and you make money each and every time someone clicked the ad. More recently, earning money through online advertising has become increasingly more difficult as people are becoming more and more blind to all those ads sitting on websites. However, it is not uncommon for some people to still pull in a couple of thousand dollars a month with this income stream. (Keep in mind though, their websites and blogs have enormous amounts of traffic.)
Selling Information Products - You can also make money by creating and selling information products. Many people spend money online because they want a quick answer to a desperate question. This is where eBooks, training videos, and podcasts can be incredibly helpful. Again, there are third-party companies that will take all the hard work out of delivering your ad and collecting the money on your behalf. (This time, you pay them a small commission for handling the transaction.) Ejunkie is one such site. The hardest part of creating this form of passive income stream is creating the actual information product.
Develop a referral service - I am fascinated by how people make money online and offline. Referral services are a cash cow for those that own them. Truly, that's all 1-800-Dentist is. Additionally, services that hook people up with doctors, lawyers, or therapists are all referral services. Develop a service in your community and advertise the heck out of it. (Be careful, though, as different states do have different regulations around this.)
After reading this, please don't say "I can't." It really is a great time to be alive because--now more than ever--it is easier to make money online. There are thousands of people out there who were unsure of their ability to generate money by using the internet. I know because I used to be one of them.
Jay Monroe is passionate about people making money online by creating smart passive income streams. He believes that it is something everyone can participate in, regardless of education level. Follow his free step-by-step approach to financial success.
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Saturday, April 28, 2012

Affiliate Marketing: Five Mistakes I Made Early On

Monroe ParkMonroe Park (Photo credit: The Library of Virginia)
If you want to become successful in any career, you are going to make mistakes. It is unavoidable. Internet marketing and affiliate marketing are two areas that truly are a minefield of possible mistakes. In short, there is the potential of screwing up at nearly every decision point.
In the five years since I first started to make money online, I have made hundreds of mistakes. Some have been small errors, while some have probably cost me thousands of dollars. Below is a list of errors that I made and I hope you can learn from them.
1. The Autoresponder Problem - When people start out, they don't think that they need a list. Then for the next few months or years, they neglect to build a list until it dawns on them that they could have been leveraging this list for ideas or for possible additional commissions the entire time. Or people did what I did when I started out. They think that they can handle the list on their own through whatever product their web host offers.
Bottom line: Spend a little money to save yourself from future headaches. Go with a company that provides this service for you.
2. Promoting the wrong program - The first product I ever bought online was a book. The book was only about $10 and--according to the pitch--if I took the secrets in the book, I would make millions. Well, the book only taught me how to promote the book in forums. I learned nothing except "buyer beware." Thankfully, I never signed up for a cash gifting program in my early days.
Bottom line: Google a program for honest reviews about the product. Just do a quick Google search and in no time you will be able to piece together what the product/program is all about.
3. Lost Sales Because I Lost My Credit Card - This one is my favorite. I remember it well. I spent time putting together my first ebook and sold it on a forum. I made a killing, but after a few days the sales dropped down to zero. I couldn't figure out what was wrong. So I contacted eJunkie (they were processing all the orders). Turns out my credit card was no longer valid. You see, a few weeks before I lost my card and had it replaced. I neglected to update my online accounts. I lost a few thousand dollars with that mistake.
Bottom line: Make sure you are organized at every turn. Check and recheck.
4. I Took Success for Granted - This is probably one of the universal mistakes new internet marketers make. Each signs up for a program, thinking that it will be an immediate passive income stream. When I first started out online, I expected as much. I thought because I bought a product that I would soon see the benefits. I soon learned differently.
Bottom line: Like most things worth doing in life, you should expect to put in a good amount of effort if you want to succeed at internet marketing.
5. I Killed a Website - I killed a website way before its time. Back in 2006, people were doing relatively well financially. I had put a lot of time and effort into a personal finance website that was earning me quite a lot of money. By the middle of 2008, I just got bored with it and killed the project entirely. Shortly thereafter, the economic crisis began and my website had a ton of products that could have made me a ton of money. But because I killed the site, I lost all of my leverage in the community.
Bottom line: I put a lot of work into the site, I should have been more careful in ending the project.
I want to say "learn from my mistakes" or "don't make the mistakes I did." Unfortunately, you will make mistakes--and gloriously so. The only way that we can really develop our skills and hone our talents is by sharpening them with a mix of successes and failures. That's the most effective way to learn.
Jay Monroe is passionate about people making money online by creating smart passive income streams. He believes that it is something everyone can participate in, regardless of education level. Follow his free step-by-step approach to financial success.
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Friday, April 27, 2012

Is Internet Marketing For Real?

Windsor Internet Marketing Air Quality StudyWindsor Internet Marketing Air Quality Study (Photo credit: Wikipedia)A passionate conversation lit up a little corner of the internet the other day when a poster on a very popular web forum for internet marketers declared "that all internet marketing is a scam," stating "they all offer these great products that promise wealth beyond your wildest dreams." Oddly enough, in the midst of his rant, another poster pointed out that his forum signature was offering those same promises.
But this gave me pause and I spent some time pondering this question: Is internet marketing a scam? My answer: a resounding "no."
As with almost anything in life, a person does have to take a "buyer beware" approach when deciding whether or not to part ways with their money. And, rightfully, there are many people out there who are attempting to sell products that offer nothing more than empty promises of financial security. These programs are only newly reconstructed versions of pyramid schemes. A popular scheme right now involves the concept of "cash gifting." Apparently this "gifting" is legal because the government has no say in how someone decides to gift away their money. But you can not convince me that this new cash gifting scheme is anything buy a recycled version of a Ponzi scheme.
Other types of schemes exist, as well. In my own experience, the vast majority of multilevel marketing (MLM) or forced matrix programs are nothing but scams. Sure, some MLM programs are more legitimate sources of income for people, including Avon and Mary Kay Cosmetics. But--online--the vast majority of these programs offer absolutely nothing of value and exist only to foster the flow of cash upline.
However, most internet marketing programs are not multilevel marketing programs. In fact, the vast majority of them are affiliate based marketing programs. And even the vast majority of those are upfront and honest with the money-making potential of their clients.
Any internet marketer will tell you that the results they put forth on their squeeze pages are probably not typical for the average user. Not because the results can't be typical, but because the vast majority of individuals who buy into any program drop out long before they apply any of the techniques with any consistency.
Internet marketing is an online business and should be treated as such. Anyone in their right mind would not open a brick-and-mortar store selling a product and then decide only to put about 15-20 minutes a day standing behind the cash register. If I saw someone do that I would tell them they were crazy.
Yet the vast majority of individuals who want to "make it rich" online expect that is all the effort that they are going to have to put into their internet marketing endeavors. Unfortunately, nothing could be further from the truth.
The other area of misunderstanding is that internet marketing products and programs are supposed to provide you with "turn-key" businesses that are automated immediately. Again, this couldn't be further from the truth. In reality, every product and program out there provides you with a blueprint and a plan of action that you can tweak and replicate, but you can't duplicate it.
Think of a blockbuster movie, for example. Sure it makes a billion dollars in its worldwide run. And yes, other imitators follow within a year or two. But you don't see every movie studio casting the same actors, employing the same director, using the same script to make the same movie and expect audiences to pony up their cash. But that's what people in the internet marketing world expect.
And this is why most internet marketers fail in their endeavors. They don't understand that they need to take what they have learned and develop it to their own action plan.
Internet marketing is not a scam. What it does is provide real and viable money-making opportunities to individuals who want to apply those lessons to develop passive income streams.
Jay Monroe is passionate about people making money online by creating smart passive income streams. He believes that it is something everyone can participate in, regardless of education level. Follow his free step-by-step approach to financial success.
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Online Business: Eliminate Debt by Creating More Money

Image representing Craigslist as depicted in C...Image via CrunchBase
Eliminating credit card debt and repaying down personal loans is one of the most important obstacles to true financial security. Millions of Americans today are crumbling under the emotional weight of their debt burden. Fears of default, foreclosure and bankruptcy are keeping people awake at night, as they toss and turn, wondering when or how financial relief will come their way.
The truth is that it won't unless you take the necessary steps to make sure that you can be in control of your financial future. One of the simplest ways to do this is to find ways to make more money. By increasing your cash flow, you can increase your monthly payments towards these loans and accelerate their elimination. But with unemployment rates skyrocketing, it is getting more and more difficult for people to find ways to make any money--let alone, making more money.
It is about time that people realize that they can turn to the internet and use the internet to supplement your income. In fact, some people have been able to leverage their online businesses to such a degree that they have been able to walk away from their jobs completely--even in this economic climate.
The secret to success online is not one that many people want to hear. It takes a certain level of hard work, dedication, and focus in order to make your financial dreams a reality. However, it is entirely possible. Entirely.
The greatest thing about the internet is that it is the most democratic of all institutions in our world today. Nepotism does not rule on the internet. Everyone can get their piece of the financial pie. If you are serious about your process of debt elimination, then you need to use all the tools at your disposal to make extra income. This may include picking up more hours at work, but don't leave the internet out of the equation.
The internet literally offers a wide selection of opportunities to make more money to help you decrease your debt load. There is an income generating stream for nearly every type of person. If you need to sell your stuff, you can turn to Craigslist or eBay. Other people are even putting their skills to use and flipping items that they see on Craigslist and eBay (i.e. buying an antique or valuable item for cheap and reselling it for a profit). If you are a natural-born salesperson, then you might want to think about the possibility of learning how to become a successful internet marketer. If you can write, then you might want to research a woman named Tiffany Dow and see how she is making a good living writing articles for other people.
The opportunities for making money online really are limited only by your imagination and your motivation.
Take the necessary steps that you need to take in order to make money online. Remember, with each day, your debt is actually increasing, while I imagine your financial situation is stagnating. While competition does exist in online businesses, the fact remains that there is more than enough room at the table. Take your seat today!
Jay Monroe is passionate about people making money online by creating smart passive income streams. He believes that it is something everyone can participate in, regardless of education level. Follow his free step-by-step approach to financial success.
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Internet Marketing Tips: 5 Reasons Why You Are Failing at Earning a Passive Income Online

Christopher Reid Internet Marketing EntrepreneurChristopher Reid Internet Marketing Entrepreneur (Photo credit: Wikipedia)The Internet is peppered with stories of online financial success. It seems like every time you jump into the world of internet marketing, you stumble onto a website whose owner boasts of making a six or seven-figure income. So many people achieve so much money on the internet that you can't do a web search without reading about it. Yet, this road to online riches is also saturated with stories of frustration, disappointment, and failure. I imagine that millions of people around the world jumped into the world of internet marketing with diamonds in their eyes and dreams of a future paved in gold.
All too soon, they realized that they might not have had that Midas touch.
If you are someone who has experienced some level of disappointment online, you may be walking down a path that will ultimately lead you to a failed dream of creating a passive income online. By exploring the following topics, I hope that I can help you identify certain internet marketing pitfalls. And by identifying them, I hope it will assist you in avoiding them entirely.
Here are five common reasons why you may fail in your online business:
You move from product-to-product. You started out in this business hoping to make money by promoting a product. You landed on a squeeze page, sign up for the emails, research the product online and finally decide that this is the product that they want to promote. And you think, "Man alive! This is the greatest product I have ever seen. I am going to promote this!" You then spend the next week to ten days popping out article after article, updating your website, participating in forums. You see people visit your website, but you aren't making a sale. So, after about a week or so, you are swept up in another sales pitch and you repeat the process all over again.
You've just committed a grave error. By abandoning a product so quickly, you have demonstrated to people that you don't believe in the product. You have no idea if someone bookmarked your page to return to it later in the week when they had more time. You have no idea if someone was waiting until payday to buy a product from you. But because your sales were not happening quickly enough, you abandoned the product and moved on.
You promote the wrong products. Another mistake you make is you end up promoting the wrong products. There are a couple of ways of committing this mistake. You might spend time developing a website about Topic A. You have high quality targeted traffic and people really respond to your content. You think the time is right to use that traffic to jump into affiliate marketing...but you chose a product that doesn't resonate with your traffic or provide your customers with a service.
Additionally, so many newbies promote products that are thinly veiled scams, products that over-promise and under-deliver, or products that offer no real value or service to potential customers. Choosing and promoting the wrong product leads to certain failure in attempting to create a passive income stream.
You do not have a strategy for success. You might be inching towards failure because you do not have a strategy for success or a plan of action. Spend some time developing a business plan. Think about how you are going to promote your product. Think about how you are going to generate targeted traffic. Develop different types of goals and objectives that are realistic and achievable. Then stick to the strategy you have developed.
You are not developing a list. Develop and cultivating a list is probably the most talked about and most often ignored step in internet marketing. If you do not develop a list, then you probably will not reach your financial goals. A list is a way that you can keep in touch with people who have visited your website. I conceptualize the list as a way to continue a conversation with people long after they left your website. Find a way to budget for the $20 a month it takes to sign up for an autoresponder.
You spend too much money too quickly. Hopefully, you are not among the millions of people who abandon their goals of internet marketing because they have discovered that they spent too much money too quickly.You can only buy so many $47, $97, or $137 products before you realize that you have more than enough information to implement your business plan. Unfortunately, people fail at attempting to use internet marketing as a means to securing their financial future due to the fact that they have blown through any extra money and can no longer afford the basics.
Now, here's the great news: You are not a failure! You now realize what the major pitfalls are that may lead you down the wrong path. By increasing your awareness about these five issues, you have just increased your chances of succeeding in making money online. Here's to your success!
Jay Monroe is passionate about people making money online by creating smart passive income streams. He believes that it is something everyone can participate in, regardless of education level. Follow his free step-by-step approach to financial success.
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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Internet Marketing Tips: What Some Internet Marketers Are Not Telling You

The world of internet marketing is dominated by incredible men and women who are more than happy to share their stories of success. Some will admit that making money off the internet can sometimes feel like stealing candy from a baby. And others will admit that there are more than enough money-making opportunities online for everyone to get their share.
But there are still some secrets and some psychological marketing techniques that internet marketers use.
They Want You to Feel Like an Outsider
Marketing is built around the idea of trying to sell you something that you may or may not need. This exact principle rules in the world of internet marketing, as well. However, instead of tell marketers laying out exactly what their product can or can not do, each uses words and catchphrases that makes it seem like they are the ones on the "inside." They are the ones with all the secrets. And, unfortunately, you are the one outside the walls. And just like buying Microsoft stock in the 1980s or Apple stock a few years ago, if you do not buy their product, you are likely going to miss the financial bonanza again. (Or at least that's what they want you to think.)
They Made Money Off Their Lists
Another crucial thing to keep in mind is that most of these internet marketers did not make money simply by someone landing on their website and clicking through to an affiliate product that they are promoting. Far from it. These guys often talk about the power of their lists, but rarely do they connect the dots for you. Next time you land on a page extolling the success of an internet marketer, pay attention to the Clickbank screenshot that they share. Rarely are the earnings consistent. In fact, they often start off huge and then diminish quite significantly. This is often because a marketer launched his product. And the first place he launched it? His list.
They Make Money Promoting Non-Internet Marketing Products
If you have spent any time researching the world of internet marketing, the gurus selling their products make it look like the only way to make money in internet marketing is by internet marketing. While there is money to be made in that specific niche, the fact remains that many of the men and women who are titans in the field also make money selling and promoting products in other niches. They have experienced success and have developed a strategy to replicate it in other niches. It is important to keep this in mind. Rather than trying to duplicate their process, take a step back and look at the big picture. The process that lead to success in one niche will likely bring you a good amount of success in many other niches.
But here's the kicker: Although some marketers are trying to keep the "secrets" of earning a smart passive income from you, the vast majority could not be more explicit in what they are telling you. Once you have bought a product, many marketers say, "Use this process, but don't use this example, as I am sure by using this example the market is now saturated."
Pay attention to what they are telling you. Pay attention to the tips, hints, and tricks they are providing. And you will likely be able to add your own twist to your process of developing your own passive income streams.
Jay Monroe is passionate about people making money online by creating smart passive income streams. He believes that it is something everyone can participate in, regardless of education level. Follow his free step-by-step approach to financial success.
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Monday, April 23, 2012

Internet Marketing: Tips to Using Forums to Market Your Products

Demonstration picture for use in articles abou...Demonstration picture for use in articles about Internet forums. You can also use this picture as your own avatar if you want to promote Wikipedia on a forum! (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Internet forums can be an incredibly effective place to market your own products or other affiliate products--if you do it right. Forums are not the place to do you "hard sells." Marketing affiliate products on forums can actually be quite lucrative. But it is a skill that you develop and hone over time. Forums are not the place for you to do your "hard sell." There is a heightened level of finesse and nuance that should be employed when participating in forum marketing.
Here are some tips that I thing will help you in your attempt to market your affiliate products in a forum:
1. Remember why the forum exists.
The vast majority of people on this forum understand why the forum exists. It is not a marketplace. It is a meeting place. This forum is a gathering place for like-minded men and women who share an interest in a single subject. Questions are posed and other forum members answer them. Successes are shared and other forum members offer additional support. The forum does not exist primarily for you to come and do your hard sell.
2. Your posts should offer something of value.
The vast majority of people who I have seen succeed online were able to offer some real value when they decided to participate in the conversation on this forum. In fact, their posting histories demonstrated such sophisticated responses that I was intrigued as to what products they created. Often times, I purchased products because I wanted some of their mojo and brilliance to brush off on me.
3. Be the good guy.
Honestly, our lives our difficult enough right now. Nobody wants to make their lives harder. People don't want to face conflict at every turn. People really do like hanging out with people who make them feel better about themselves, not people who make them feel worse. Keep this in mind as you continue to participate in the conversation.
4. We've seen it all before.
If you are new to internet marketing, be careful about what products you are going to promote. Keep in mind, that someone of these people have been doing this for a decade or me. Choose your products carefully.
5. And remember, you are always selling.
You are always selling. The way you act online, how you participate in the forum, the words you share are either going to help or hinder generating traffic to your website. Perception is reality, so help people see how awesome you really are.
Keeping these hints in mind will assist you in expanding your effectiveness in other areas that can provide free or low-cost advertising for your products. Remember, forums are meeting places and--while they may have a marketplace section--selling your product is not their primary focus.
Jay Monroe is passionate about people making money online by creating smart passive income streams. He believes that it is something everyone can participate in, regardless of education level. Follow his free step-by-step approach to financial success.
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Sunday, April 22, 2012

Affiliate Marketing: The Secret to Finding A Successful Niche

Sterling State Park - Monroe Power PlantSterling State Park - Monroe Power Plant (Photo credit: heidigoseek)I know the scene all-too-well: It's late. Everyone in your house--and in your neighborhood--is asleep. You are surfing the net and reading posts in forums about how everyone is succeeding in their online business. And yet, you can't figure out how they have chosen their niches or how their niches have led to their financial success. And then, the birds start chirping because the sun is about to come up. You realize you have wasted another night, burning the midnight oil, with little or no progress toward building your online business.
When making money online, it is important to hone in on niches that are sought after by millions of people.
Each night, in living rooms and bedrooms across the country, the above scene is being played out. While not everyone is trying to figure out how to make money online, millions more are searching for something that they are hungry to find. Almost zombie-like, they toil at work, perform their evening duties, and then come home and search the internet for hours on end.
This is the beginning to the secret of discovering which niches can be monetized effectively. When looking for a niche to market, I have one rule and one rule only. I call it the "Change My Life Rule." Nearly every effective and successful niche comes from this rule. When people are searching for something online, they are looking for information or for products that can help them change their lives. This is why niches such as fitness and weight loss are so saturated. This is why personal finance and credit niches are lucrative. But each niche I mentioned is already filled to capacity, so trying to throw your hat into that ring will probably only lead to frustration.
But there are millions of niches that follow this life changing paradigm. People are trying to change careers, go back to school, save their marriages and relationships, or start new ones. Every day, people are trying to learn new skills and talents or take up new hobbies. There are literally millions of sub-niches that you can exploit to start building passive income streams.
When I start to build a website around a topic, I ask myself if the project will follow my "change my life rule." Will this niche impact positive life change for the individuals who happen on my site. If I answer "yes," then I will do keyword research and look for additional affiliate products to promote.
It is important to keep in mind the following warning: Do not simply stop at the larger niche. Try to dive down to sub-niches as often as possible. For example: If people are looking to go back to school and earn a college degree, that's a pretty wide niche. It will be more effective to develop a niche for people looking to "earn their degree in order to become a paramedic" or "go back to school to become a police officer." I hope by fleshing out these differences, you can see why sub-niches are far more lucrative that their parent niches.
Jay Monroe is passionate about people making money online by creating smart passive income streams. He believes that it is something everyone can participate in, regardless of education level. Follow his free step-by-step approach to financial success.
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Unemployed? 5 Reasons Why You Should Use the Internet to Build Passive Income Streams

Graph of US Civilian Labor Participaton Rate f...Graph of US Civilian Labor Participaton Rate from 1948 to 2010 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)The economy of the United States is going through an unprecedented period of financial instability. As unemployment numbers continue to rise, feelings of job security among the employed is becoming less certain. If you are unemployed, you can change your financial future by building passive income streams while learning internet marketing. In fact, internet marketing and using the internet to make money online is one of the best options you have to guarantee your financial future.
Here are five reasons why you should use the internet and affiliate marketing to start building passive income streams.
Let's be real. When you were employed, chances are you were spending anywhere for eight to ten hours (or more) at your job. Adding in your morning prep time and your commute, you might be looking at close to twelve hours that you spent committed to your job everyday. Now that you are unemployed, those twelve hours have opened up. I imagine you might actually be trying to figure out ways to fill your day. Starting an online business to make more money is an excellent idea.
Chances are you have gifts and talents that you can harness to create an online business. If your response to that sentence was "No, really I don't," then you're right. However, if you want to give yourself a little more credit, then spend time brainstorming what those gifts and talents are. You might excel at cooking or at playing a musical instrument. If so, a "how to" video series posted on YouTube could be an excellent money-maker for you. Perhaps, you are the "go-to" person in your world who knows the ins-and-outs of a television show or a series of books. Creating an online forum can bring in big bucks. Don't sell yourself short. There are countless gifts that you have and countless interests that can end up making your real money.
Building passive income streams online are incredibly cost-effective. Depending on your business plan--and depending on what online tools you use--your business can be up-and-running for as little as zero dollars. If you choose free blogging platforms, you won't spend a dime on hosting your website. Additionally, the vast majority of affiliate marketing programs are 100% free to join. While start-up costs for an online business can exist, there are ways to build your business online for almost no money.
Since the internet operates twenty-four hours a day, creating an income stream by using the internet will not get in the way of your job search. Most job-hunting activities occur during the workday. Sending out resumes, lunching with potential contacts, placing follow-up phone calls all happen between the hours of 8 AM and 6:30 PM. Once in a while, you might attend a networking meeting and dinner that will take place in the evening. This still allows you ample time to commit to your online business. You can spend a few hours every night or a few hours in the morning performing the necessary tasks to make your internet business a success.
If you are unemployed, you might find yourself in a pit of a financial pinch. Bills are starting to pile up. Rent is due. However, if you had a sideline business that was operating and making you money while you were working your full-time job, you might not find yourself in this same money crunch. If you successfully build passive income streams, it has the potential to create future financial stability. And, with financial stability, comes freedom.
If you are unemployed and struggling to make ends meet, then continue to look for that job. But also keep in mind that you have the time, energy, and focus to begin to build additional streams of revenue.
Are you interested in taking the necessary steps to learn how to build an online business with little or no cost?
Jay Monroe is passionate about people making money online by creating smart passive income streams. He believes that it is something everyone can participate in, regardless of education level. Follow his free step-by-step approach to financial success.
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Friday, April 20, 2012

Pay Down Debt: Make Money Online

Personal finance and issues of consumer credit remain hot topics in the United States. With foreclosure rates at all time highs and credit card use at all time lows, it is clear that Americans are suffering under the weight of this global economic crisis. The Great Recession is showing signs of slowing, but complete recovery is still some years away.
If you are finding that eliminating debt is difficult under these circumstances, you are not alone. Millions of Americans are turning to creative solutions to decrease or eliminate their credit and consumer debt entirely. While some are making decisions that will further ding their credit and haunt them for a decade (or more), others are doing the sensible thing. They are facing the totality of their debt and arming themselves with financial choices.
I hope that you are among the millions who have decided to develop a financial plan of attack to combat your debt woes.
While millions of Americans are trying to pick up extra shifts at work, you can be among the few who will find that making money does not have to be that difficult. There are countless ways to make money online. Why someone would apply for a minimum wage night shift to supplement their full time job is beyond me -- especially in this day and age.
Did you know that you can make money online without putting down any money of your own? Did you know that, if you make the right choices, you can earn anywhere between $10 and $4000 by making one single sale?
If you are serious about getting out of debt, then you can not ignore any of the information that I am sharing with you. Thousands of vendors exist on the internet. Each of these vendors is trying to sell products online. And many of these sellers will provide you with a commission if you are able to facilitate their sale.
The vast majority of internet affiliate wealth has been used to change lives. But right now, you might want to explore this option to help you pay down your debt. Building wealth is an extension of making money online. Throwing off the shackles of debt if the first step on the road to financial freedom.
Affiliate marketing can assist you in this journey.
Did you know that you can make thousands of dollars off of a single sale if you choose the right product to promote? This isn't rocket science. This is common sense. And, I imagine, after multiple sales, that commission will add up to a debt free life.
I want to support you in eliminating your debt. I want to support you in climbing out from under the weight of financial slavery.
Are you interested in finding out how to make money online, pay down your debt, and change your financial future?

Your Online Business: How to Succeed in the New Year

Chances are you did what most Americans did at the beginning of this year: you created a "New Year's Resolution." And, chances are, at least one of your resolutions had to do with some aspect of your financial life. At the end of last year, you vowed that this was the year that you were finally going to pay off your credit cards entirely or eliminate your student loans. You have decided that this is the year that you are going to find a way to make more money in order to save for that down payment on your house, plan for retirement, or begin your child's college fund.
And, sadly, chances are you have faltered in your fidelity to these new resolutions.
In order to find success in your internet or online business in the New Year, you are going to have to stick to the resolutions that you made not too long ago. Sure, there will be challenges that stand in your way and obstacles that appear out of nowhere. But, if you make a commitment to developing your own unique strategy to make money online, you will begin to see the fruits of your labor in a few short months.
Millions of Americans are currently finding themselves in a period of unemployment, while untold millions of others are finding themselves under-employed (i.e. making less than they previously have or not making enough to cover their monthly expenses). While millions of others remain in their jobs, but are too terrified to make the necessary career transition out of fear of the uncertain economic future.
Regardless of what group you find yourself in, keep in mind that you can use your experiences to become an entrepreneur. If you are employed, unemployed, or underemployed, you really have nothing to lose if you can create a sideline, part-time, or full-time business that will utilize one of your many skills and talents. Seriously, this can be anything from computer programming, to babysitting, to addressing wedding invitations (if you have the handwriting for it). Just make sure you don't invest too much seed money to get this off the ground.
Dave Ramsey, one of the popular personal finance gurus, has a saying that has become a personal mantra and I want to share it with you. "The difference between a dream and a goal," he says, "is a plan." Dreamers have wonderful, passionate, and grandiose ideas. However, far too often, dreamers sit idly by and succumb to one fatal mistake. They never created a successful strategy to get them from Point A to Point B and beyond.
If you want to create a successful online business, you have to create a successful business strategy. You need to take into account how you are going to market your idea and exactly what your beginning revenue stream is going to look like. How long will you take to develop your idea? When are you going to launch phase one, phase two, etc? Every online business plan is going to be unique, but you are going to have to figure out what yours is going to look like. And, more importantly, pay attention to how you are going to implement your plan.
These have been difficult times, but it is important to stay positive and stay focused in order for you to succeed this year. Succumbing to the doom-and-gloom that surrounds you will definitely have an impact on your business's bottom line. Keep in mind that just because news outlets and talking heads discuss a "bleak economic" outlook, it does not mean that you have to be included in that group. Remember, even during the Great Depression, the vast majority of people were still employed and still making money. You can utilize your energy to develop and grow an online business!
Are you curious about the steps you need to take to develop your internet business?
Jay Monroe is passionate about people making money online by creating smart passive income streams. Learn the necessary tools for your financial success at
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Thursday, April 19, 2012

Make Money Online Everyday: 5 Strategies for Success

PALO ALTO, CA - JULY 06:  Facebook CEO Mark Zu...PALO ALTO, CA - JULY 06: Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg (L) watches a demonstration of the new Facebook video chat during a news conference at Facebook headquarters July 6, 2011 in Palo Alto, California. Zuckerberg announced new features that are coming to Facebook including video chat and a group chat feature. (Image credit: Getty Images via @daylife)

Earning money online might be one of the best ways to commit yourself to your goal of financial freedom, especially if it is just one of many income streams in your life. The beauty with developing passive income streams on the internet is simple. The internet never closes its doors, it is always open, and millions--if not hundreds of millions--of people can stumble onto your website and decide to buy your product at any moment. In short, you have the opportunity to earn money each and every single day of the year.
Of course, I cannot guarantee your success, I can only help share strategies with you that will increase your chances of succeeding online. By following the five strategies below, you have the opportunity to make money every single day.
1. Article Marketing
Article marketing has long been my favorite what to generate traffic. And, let's face it, in order to make money each and every day, you are going to have to generate a lot of traffic. But it is not impossible. You would be amazed at how many different aspects of your website, blog, or product you can talk about. I think you will also be amazed at the natural writing abilities that you have within you. (Even if you can't write, there are cheap writers-for-hire online.)
Pumping out multiple articles a day will help direct interested readers back to your website. And when they hit your website, be sure you pay attention to my next tip!
2. Autoresponder
Time and again, you will hear that "they money is in the list." This power of the list mantra is absolutely true. When I started with my first website around 2003, I did not think that I could have afforded an autoresponder program. In retrospect, that one minor decision probably cost me around five figures.
Developing a series of autoresponder messages will remind visitors to your website that you have a service or a product that will benefit them. By developing a list of potential customers, you increase your chances of making money every single day.
3. The Power of Twitter
You are well aware that Twitter has recently toppled governments and helped to overthrow tyrants. Just think of the good that Twitter can do for you and your business! Be sure to put out consistently high quality tweets and people will be coming back to your website repeatedly.
4. Facebook
Never underestimate the power of Facebook. While many people utilize Facebook to connect with friends and family, there are a million different ways that regular posting on Facebook can help develop passive income streams for you.
5. Google+
Facebook might be the Empire in terms of social networks, but Google+ in hot on their heels. By diving in and developing a presence on popular social networks you will remind people about your website and your services.
Traffic takes time to build. But if you succeed in implementing all five strategies, you are going to have incredible traffic streams pouring into your website which--hopefully--will increase your bottom line.
Are you curious to see how I made money online?
Jay Monroe is passionate about people making money online by creating smart passive income streams. He believes that it is something everyone can participate in, regardless of education level. Follow his free step-by-step approach to financial success.
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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Make Money Online: Increase Your Earnings With High Commission Affiliate Programs

Figure 5: Steps to identify the right product ...Figure 5: Steps to identify the right product portfolio for your business. Belongs to The Organic Business Guide. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)Making money online through affiliate marketing is not an easy task. Many times, beginners grow increasingly frustrated at their minimal returns that they neglect their business plan in the midst of trying to establish one. By choosing the right affiliate products and by joining the right affiliate programs, you have the opportunity to multiple your earnings. All this, by the way, with the same amount of work.
If you pay attention to the "experts," you have already learned that you need to select an affiliate product that will give you a high percentage per sale. Many individuals, as a rule of thumb, will not promote a product unless they receive at least 40% commission per sale.
Wow! Forty percent commission? Sounds impressive, doesn't it?
It does, until you realize that 40% of $9.99 is less than $4.00. So, let's forget what "they" told us about focusing on products that give you a high percentage commission per sale.
They also tell you to pay attention to the statistics that an affiliate program provides. If you want to understand how successfully a product will convert, you should pay attention to how popular a product is, the product gravity, and keyword competition.
Ugh. Sounds like a lot, doesn't it?
It's too much, if you ask me. Gravity and popularity are statistics that can often be manipulated by the bigger players in the game. Over time, I have found that these are nearly useless indicators of whether a product will help me make money online.
Forget nearly everything "they" taught you. "They" just want you to buy and promote "their" products. I have discovered that the secret to online financial success is by promoting products were I earn a measly 4% to 8% commission? Would you believe that these low commissions can still earn you thousands of dollars?
You should explore promoting high ticket items. The vast majority of items I promote cost tens--if not hundreds of thousands--of dollars. And rather than hustling for sale after sale after sale, I focus my energy and now only realize that two, four, or five sales per month is all that is needed for financial success.
It is not about the percentage you earn per sale. It is not even about the stats that they provide to you. It is about finding expensive items that can earn you thousands of dollars profit with each sale.
Are you interested in finding high ticket items to promote and see your bottom line explode?

Monday, April 16, 2012

Make Money Online: No More Excuses

The relationship and evolution in Internet Sea...The relationship and evolution in Internet Search Business (Photo credit: Wikipedia)Another day and another dismal news report about our global economy. Turn on the radio during your morning commute (if you are still lucky to have a morning commute) and you will hear talk radio hosts bemoan the rising unemployment numbers or the shaky housing statistics. Flip through any cable news channel and you will see talking heads provide their best prescription for the ailing American economy. Open any newspaper and you will be inundated with articles about struggling American families.
Really makes you want to find a way to diversify your income streams doesn't it?
Well, now you can. In this day and age, you can develop a proven strategy for financial stability or--if you are willing to work at it--full-blown financial success. How? By turning to the internet and realizing that there are countless ways that you can make money online.
Stop mulling this option around in your mind. Stop weighing the "pros" and the "cons." There is only one way to achieve success and that is by taking action and risking failure.
However, that is the main thing about deciding to earn more money through leveraging the internet. Failure won't cost you your home, your savings, or your retirement.
Beginning an internet business is one of the easiest financial choices you could ever make. Not to mention, it could also be the most lucrative.
There is almost zero start up money needed.
When starting an online business plan, you will quickly realize that you will not need thousands of dollars of seed money to make money online. In fact, if you do this by following my advice online, you won't even need hundreds of dollars of start-up capital. In fact, you could get your internet business up-and-running for less than $50.
You can keep your day job.
Additionally, when you begin to earn money online, it won't interfere with your life. If you currently have a day job, you can keep that day job and spend a few hours in the morning or a few hours after work building your internet business. This is the wonderful thing about the internet--most people will stumble upon your website in the late hours of the night. And, you don't have to be awake to make money. Your system will become a "set it and forget it" system. Seriously! You might even earn money while you are asleep.
You can follow you passion.
Finally, you can follow your passion. If your hobbies include fly fishing, you can find a way to make thousands of dollars every year through promoting fly fishing gear or earn commissions by selling fly fishing vacations. If you like to cook, you can make money by building an internet site dedicated to exotic recipes. There are an infinite number of business ideas, as you can make money in niches spanning dance lessons to selling tractors.
But you have to make money online, you have to take action.