Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Finding Affiliates

Top networks by revenue generated from Econsul...Image by Matthieu Dejardins, eCommerce Activist via FlickrAffiliate marketing can make all the difference to your bottom line. It is the means by which has been able to significantly increase its market share. Amazon generates about 40% of its revenue by way of associate marketers. The company has a very effective Associate Program with about 1 million affiliates. That has helped to make Amazon a very visible presence on the internet. But how do you go about ? Start with a good product, and a sensible marketing plan. Once you have those key elements, affiliates will actually find you, but let's take a look at what more you can do. There are a few things you need to have in place:
• Make sure you have a winning product, which will have a good chance of converting to sales. If your product is not likely to convert, then affiliates will not be keen to promote it. The aim of every affiliate marketer is to increase revenue. Therefore, if they have to use their money to promote a product, they expect to make returns. If the product is not a success the first time out, they are not likely to give it a second chance. A product that has sells quickly is like a magnet to affiliates, they will seek out a successful product. The affiliate market is now a very competitive one, and each player is aware of what the other is marketing. You should also consider setting up an affiliate page on your website. You can use this to display all the information, and resources that you have for affiliates.
• Have a well articulated Affiliate Program, which offers an attractive commission to affiliates. Offering a good commission is one sure way to catch the attention of successful affiliates.
• Do the research so you know what affiliates are looking for. Determine which affiliate program is best for you. The most popular ones are Pay Per Click and Pay Per Sale. Because of the low returns, the Pay Per Click affiliates are likely to leave you as soon as a better offer turns up, However, if your product is a good one, then you will be able to snag some of the more experienced and successful affiliates.
• When you make contact with an affiliate, ensure that you make your product offer attractive to them. This is why it is so critical to have a winning product to start with. Make them aware of the benefits to be gained from promoting your product, and let them know if you already have other affiliates on board.
• Sign up with a company which deals with the accounts of firms which have affiliate marketing programs. One such company is Click bank, which provides the assistance you need to effectively manage your affiliate programs. Going this route will help you to tap into many companies. That will ensure that you have at your disposal, a large marketplace in which your business can grow.
Try to remember these tips before you set up an affiliate program. If you do, then will be easier, and you will be sure to find the success that others, like Amazon, have found.
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