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The 7 Deadly SEO Linkbuilding Mistakes‏

SEO linkbuilding has become one of the main high leverage
activities in any online business. The simple fact is that
backlinks will give you a high page rank and a high page rank will
rank you higher in the SERP's. Obviously this means more traffic
and more money.
Backlinks make up 90% of your Google rank and because of this
linkbuilding has taken on a life of it's own. Most people seem to
misunderstand it complete. For starters you should know that not
all back links are good links. They can actually hurt you more than
help you.
SEO Linkbuilding is all about building links that are natural.
Google did not design their ranking system to be manipulated. It
was designed to reward good sites that get linked to naturally.
That's why getting the right links can be incredibly difficult if
you try and do it manually.
Unfortunately you have to build links these days otherwise you will
not be competitive. If you sit around and wait for sites to link to
you, you might wait forever. The good thing is that this also give
the "small guy" a fair shake to get good rankings in Google, Yahoo
and MSN.
Most guys build back links "kamikaze style" - that is they go ion
there and just get as many links they can from wherever they can
and at whatever cost. This is a recipe for disaster. Once your site
gets marked by Google, you might as well start over again.
Rogue linkbuilding techniques can render months of hard work
useless, so be very careful when building backlinks. Here are the 7
deadly SEO linkbuilding mistakes. Avoid them at all costs.
Mistake #1: Mass Link Packages
Obviously some sleazy and unscrupulous people are out there selling
link packages that are not even worth a mention. Most of the time
they blast ads out to classified directories or other spam filled
network. These links are the equivalent of buying spam email lists.
Don't do it. Your links might end up on banned sites that can
really hurt your Google image.
Mistake #2: Link Exchanges
Back in the day, exchanging links was the main SEO linkbuilding
strategy. You link to me, I link to you and we both win. Right?
Image representing Google as depicted in Crunc...Image via CrunchBase
Wrong! Google caught on to this when hundreds of link farms opened up. Google can easily trace reciprocal links and they simply don't count for much anymore. Getting links from big link exchange networks can actually hurt you. Mistake #3: Linking From Non-Indexed Sites Most people who spend hours building those free backlinks make the mistake of building links on non-indexed sites. For your back links to count, the page on which you have your link has to be indexed. Having links on non-indexed pages means nothing. It's a waste of time. Mistake #4: Not Using Anchor Text At first this probably won't sound too scary, but if you build 2,000 links without relevant anchor text your site can easily pass for a spam site that just gets random links. By using anchor text that is related to your site, it gives your links linkjuice - meaning it makes your links relevant and increases the perceived value of each link. Mistake #5: Not Being Relevant Google is getting smarter by the day. After all it is their business to provide the most relevant information for each and every search that is conducted. If they don't people will stop using Google. That's why they protect it so vigorously. When you get back links from relevant and related sites that would naturally link to you, then the link count for a lot. Unrelated and random links from any old site really does not make Google see your site as being important. Mistake #6: Inorganic links
Histogram showing Google rank of WP pages for ...Image via Wikipedia
As I mentioned earlier, Google designed the page rank system to work organically. They are looking for links to come to your site naturally. For the most part that means, slowly and consistently over time from a variety of related sites. If you go and get 1000 links overnight from the same site then Google's alarms will go off and you might land yourself in some backlinking trouble with the big G. Slow and steady wins the race - especially if you have a new site. Mistake #7: Buying Links High PR backlinks are worth gold. Quite literally. I've seen a single PR7 link sell for as much as $250 per year. There are a lot of link networks out there that make it their business to sell links on high PR sites. These links have become quite expensive, but the lure of instant results have people buying links like it's going out of fashion. Google is catching on and there's been widespread reports of Google slapping page rank. If links are publicly traded then Google can probably trace them and penalize you. SEO linkbuilding is all about being as natural and as organic as possible. Always go after links that are 1-way, relevant and on sites with a high page rank. If you can get links on pages with a high page rank, even better. Don't fall for the quick-fix promise of so many link building services. In the long run, slow and steady links that look natural will keep sending more and more traffic your way.  
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Friday, February 4, 2011

Top Link Building Techniques to Boost Online Presence‏

The Internet provides a huge platform for all kinds of businesses
to market their products and increase their revenues. Having an
online presence provides enhanced visibility and access to
innumerable consumers on the web, from all over the world. Every
industry has a plethora of websites already that have stiff
competition amongst them. Your website would need to compete with
others to figure higher in search results.
The Truth About Search Engine Optimization (Re...Image by Blogging Bookshelf via Flickr
Search engines use complex algorithms and ranking systems to determine the outcome of a web search. A website is ranked higher if there are other websites that contain links to it. Having a large number of links to your website would improve your search engine ranking tremendously. Link Building needs good research, is tedious, and time consuming process. Link building service providers assist websites attain better ranking in search results by implementing ways to increase links to them. Businesses that do not have much exposure to internet are not very sure of how link builders work, and how this overall process can increase their profits. Text Link Building Service providers apply various approaches to create links to your websites. Some of these techniques are discussed here: 1. Link builders write and submit articles related to your business to different content directories regularly. This increases the number of incoming links to your website. Providing useful information has an added advantage of building a good reputation for you and your business. 2. Company news generally contains keywords that are relevant to your industry. Link builders write and submit press releases on behalf of your company to news directories. This increases the chances of getting better search results. 3. Link builders add interesting material, as a bait, to attract people to your website. This is referred to as link bait. Link baits may include writing some interesting material on your website, adding some useful tools, giving away something valuable free and so on. 4. Many popular websites contain quality material and keywords pertaining to your business and industry. Link Builders find out the most appropriate and highly ranked websites belonging to your industry and figure out ways to add links of your websites in them. 5. Link builders search for websites that have large number of visitors. These include many media and news websites. They create articles and other media content that they publish regularly on these sites. 6. Link builders increase the online visibility of your website. This is achieved in a number of ways. For example creating profile for your business on social networking websites, leaving comments on blogs related to your industry, contributing to 'wiki' and other open knowledge bases, providing advice and suggestions in forums etc. Text link building is a tedious and a long term process which requires a lot of involvement, devotion and experience. Link building service providers help in this process. It is a full time job for link builders to figure out ways to get links, which in-turn improves ranking and visibility for your website.