Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Personal Blogs

Blogging is very personal for a lot of bloggers. They choose to write about their personal experiences, thoughts, and feelings. make up a huge percentage of blogs and they are almost like online memoirs or documentaries.

Some bloggers dedicate their blogs to creative writing such as poetry and short stories, however most bloggers choose to document their own lives. Blogs are being used as a new form of documentaries, that don't involve any filmmaking.

There are many bloggers that simply makes posts every day about how their day was. What they did, what was good, what was bad, etc. They document each day as if they need to keep records of a historical moment. Most bloggers may do it just so they can vent, but it ends up being so much more. In the future, people may use today's blogs as a historical lesson of how people used to live.

Simple things like where someone went, what they bought and what they thought can be very interesting to not only friends and family members of the blogger, but to complete strangers that live a very different life. Some people enjoy reading blogs written by someone experiencing the same things as them, while others read blogs to see what other types of lives people have.

As previously mentioned, are usually just used as an outlet for people to express their feelings and thoughts. There usually isn't much of a goal for a personal blog, but the result is an online journal, a record, a documentary. Although, bloggers may not start their personal blog with a specific goal in mind, they usually do want people to read their blog and to leave comments. Bloggers want to express themselves and know that someone somewhere is interested in them.

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