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WordPress Blogging Software

English: Wordpress Template Hierarchy. עברית: ...Image via WikipediaWordPress is a great option for bloggers looking for free software. WordPress makes publishing blogs easy and the software even offers templates for bloggers. For someone just starting their own blog, WordPress is the way to go.
It's easy to use the software, bloggers can choose from a variety of templates and WordPress even offers support for bloggers who need help. There are a lot of different options when it comes to blogging software, this article will offer information on why bloggers should consider using WordPress.
When choosing between different software it is important to be aware of all the features. WordPress provides not only templates and support as previously mentioned, but also includes features such as spell check, autosave, ability to easily tag, tracking of statistics, different privacy settings, and also allows bloggers to easily post audio and video files. All these features can be extremely useful to any blogger, however every blogger has their own personal preferences about what features they find important. Choosing WordPress will depend on the individual blogger and what they expect out of their software. Looking into different software and all the features will help a blogger make the right software decision.
If someone is new to the blogging world and just starting their blog with WordPress, they will probably be surprised at how quick and easy it is. With WordPress a blog can be created in a matter of minutes. Only an e-mail address and username are required. A password and activation link are then sent to the blogger and the start up process is basically complete. So, WordPress may be just right for impatient individuals.
The support that WordPress provides is very important to many bloggers. The support includes contacting support staff, and online forums where bloggers can help each other. The forums are available 24 hours a day, so bloggers won't even have to wait to receive help. First time bloggers usually have a lot of questions and sometimes require help. The further into the blogging process they get the more questions they might have about customizing their blogs or advanced features that are new to them. WordPress can even offer answers and help to experienced bloggers.
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