Monday, February 6, 2012

Who Can Blog?

Blogging is basically an online journal that is a website with posts listed from newest to oldest. Bloggers post new content as often as they link and people can read and comment on the posts. Many blogs are updated either daily or weekly. With the speed and efficiency of the internet, people like be up-to-date and always have new information at their finger tips.
BEDFORD, NH - JANUARY 25:  A wooden egg is see...Image by Getty Images via @daylifeBlogs are typically used as a form of expression that can reach worldwide. Bloggers can be anybody, teens, moms, doctors, whoever. Bloggers can tell personal stories, write their opinion on current issues, promote political or social issues or write poetry. Whatever the subject matter of a blog is usually remains the subject matter always. Most blogs are focused on one particular topic such as pets, fashion, marketing, parenting, or a specific political issue. Bloggers are usually very interested and knowledgeable about what they write. Although the subject matter always stays relevant, bloggers can write whatever they want. Photos and videos can also be posted on blogs.
Although most blogs are generally the same there are a few different things bloggers can choose. Blogs can be private or public and while some people blog for fun, others blog professionally.
Private blogs are basically just online journals. Only the blogger and other people that have been approved are able to view the blog. Private blogs are just a way for someone to get their feelings out without the chance of the wrong person reading their feelings and thoughts. For someone that needs to vent or wants to keep a digital diary, private blogs are a good option.
BEDFORD, NH - JANUARY 25:  Former Minnesota Go...Image by Getty Images via @daylifePublic blogs are the most common and are available to any internet user. Bloggers that want to promote a cause or inform people choose public blogs. Public blogs allow people to reach others that may share the same opinions of feelings.
People often blog for their own personal reasons, they want to express their feelings, keep in touch with friends, create a change, etc. Blogs created for personal reasons can be fun and don't require any effort in promoting the blog or putting ads on the blog.
Some people turn blogging into a career. Believe it or not, bloggers can earn an income. Bloggers can be hired by a company and get paid per post or for how many views the blog gets. Bloggers can also get paid when blog viewers click on the ads that are featured on the blog. It professionally takes a lot of motivation and dedication. Many professional bloggers work from home and they need to spend a lot of time promoting the blog. Some professional bloggers can manage multiple blogs and are constantly updated all of them.
It is for everyone. It doesn't matter what education level a person is or what their interests are. Anyone can blog for fun and some people enjoy blogging so much they make it their job.
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