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When and How to Hire Guest Bloggers

Blog of the day once againImage by the Italian voice via FlickrGuest bloggers can be very helpful for a successful blogger who doesn't always have the time to constantly update their blog. If a blogger is overwhelmed, going on vacation, sick, etc. and won't be able to make new posts, a guest blogger can make posts and ensure the blog remains successful. Not making new posts for an extended amount of time can really hurt a blog. There is always competition in blogging and blog readers will go to a competitor if the blog they normally follow fails to update. The internet has led everyone to expect things quickly and if blogs aren't updated at least weekly, they are likely to lose traffic.
So, where can a blogger find a guest blogger? The best place to look for guest bloggers is online. There are many different freelance writer websites and job boards. On these websites bloggers may be searching for new opportunities or a job so they can make some extra money. On freelance websites, there are a lot of experienced writers, they may not be bloggers, but they may be very creative and able to write well. Bloggers can advertise for a guest blogger. Posting the job listing on message boards related to the blog's topic is another option. On one of these websites post a detailed description of what the job entails and how long it will last. Depending on the circumstances a guest blogger may be needed for a couple posts or for a couple weeks. Bloggers may also request that applicants send writing samples or links to blogs they have written. This ensures the person has good writing skills. A blogger does not want to hire someone with poor writing skills because that will hurt their blog, not help.
If multiple people respond to the job listing, the blogger will have to make a careful selection. Writing samples or clips can sometimes make the decision easy. Bloggers want to hire someone with writing experience. Giving possible guest bloggers a short assignment to complete can also ensure that they are responsible and will make posts on time. Asking for references and contacting them is another way a blogger can find out more about someone they might hire to help with their blog.
Before hiring anyone blog owners need to decide how they will compensate the guest blogger. Most likely the compensation will involve money. However, some guest may take on the opportunity if they can post a link to their own blog. Free advertisement and increased traffic may mean more to some people than a little bit of money. A combination of advertising and money may also be an appropriate compensation. This will have to be agreed upon by the blog owner and the guest. The agreement should be worked out and documented in some type of contract to eliminate any issues once the job is complete.
Guest bloggers can be very helpful for a blog owner that needs some time off. However, effort has to go into finding the right guest blogger since they are supposed to keep a blog successful, not damage a blog's reputation and decrease traffic.
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