Thursday, February 2, 2012

Choosing Between Free Blogging Websites

English: Dangerous websites by category pie chartImage via WikipediaFree blogging websites are a great choice for many bloggers, especially beginners. However, there are so many different free websites, that bloggers often don't know where to begin.
Bloggers want to start out in the best way possible and it can be very confusing and overwhelming to choose between all the blog-hosting websites. There are large blogging websites, that are very prominent or there are smaller websites that can be great too.
So, what free blogging websites are the best? Well, that's up to the blogger because not all bloggers have the same priorities.
Larger websites tend to be more reliable. They have more users therefore more people would be affected by any issues, and the more money they could lose. These large, established sites rarely crash or have serious technical problems. It is less likely for these websites to go out of business also, so bloggers don't have to worry about losing their blog.
Some bloggers decide to go with smaller websites. Reasons for doing so include the fact that smaller sites are more unique, they don't have thousands or millions of bloggers with similar looking blogs. Some bloggers also just like to go with the underdog, and who knows someday one of those small blogging websites could become the top one and the bloggers that have been on it for years will be very proud of their part in the success.
It really doesn't matter what type of free blogging website a blogger chooses, it is really about personal preference and what is important to them.
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