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Top 4 Blog Marketing Tips

English: Sven Meissner - Online-Marketing Deut...Image via WikipediaYou're now a blogger, but you want to take your blog to the next step. Blog marketing is the next step towards turning any blog into a successful blog. You need to make your blog known, spread the word. Get as many new readers as you can. There are many different aspects to blog marketing and it can take some time, but all bloggers should know at least the top four blog marketing tips. After reading this article a blogger will have the basic understanding of how to launch a Blog marketing campaign.
1. Update often.
Blogs need to be updated frequently and consistently. Blog readers will expect posts on a daily or weekly basis. If they check your blog and nothing new is posted they will be disappointed. Readers are very important to a blog and you don't want to let them down. Readers can easily go to a competitor for new updates if you aren't providing any. If you are sick or going on vacation, make a post explaining what days there won't be updates, and give the date for when the next update will take place.
2. Comment.
Blog readers love to leave comments. Sometime good, sometimes not so good. Always take some to respond to comments whether they are negative or positive. Answer any questions that are asked and tell readers that you appreciate their support and comments. Readers are very important, so let them know that. Readers like to feel as if they have a bond with the blogger.
3. Allow RSS feeds.
This means other blogs or websites can publish your blog with a link back to your original blog. This is like free advertising. People will read your posts, see how good they are and will want to read more from you. traffic will be driven right to your blog. RSS feeds are a really great blog marketing tool.
4. Understand SEO.
Everywhere you go online, you probably see the letters SEO which stands for search engine optimization. SEO is the best thing for any online marketer of any kind. Understanding what SEO is and how you can use it can lead to great success. You can never know enough information about how to make your blog more successful. Learn as many SEO tips and tricks as possible. You won't regret it.
There are other things about blog marketing that a blogger can use, but these four are great to start out with. They are simple, and can be done by pretty much anyone. These tips are effective and they aren't time consuming as some more advanced blog marketing techniques.
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