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What Does Blog Marketing Involve?

mappa_blogImage by francescopozzi via FlickrYou've heard of blogging, but what exactly is blog marketing? It is marketing a blog, spreading the word about a blog and increasing its number of readers. Blog marketing is something bloggers put a lot of time and effort into. It's a way for them to create a very successful blog. Many bloggers are very serious about blog marketing, especially bloggers that earn a profit. However, for bloggers that just blog for fun, they may be less concerned about how successful their blog becomes.
There are a lot of different aspects of blog marketing and not every blogger markets their blog the same. Different blog marketing tools work well for some bloggers, while they don't do much for others. A lot of blog marketing is trial and errors. Bloggers make changes or try new things and then they have to wait and see if they increased readership or not.
It helps to promote a blog and improve its traffic or for some blogs, it's number of sales. It is an ongoing process. If a blogger stops marketing their blog, they won't get any more successful. Promoting a blog has to be done as long as the blogger is blogging.
Some more specific aspects of marketing include getting links on, leaving comments, improving search engine rankings, having RSS feeds, holding contests, etc. It is similar to marketing a website. Just because a blog or website exists don't mean everybody knows about it. Search engines play a large role in blog marketing. Bloggers use keywords, links, and search engine optimization to help improve their rank. People don't usually go through every page of results, so the higher up a page is on search engine results, the more likely it is to get clicked on.
Some marketing involves making a profit. Some bloggers sell ad space or do affiliate marketing so that they can earn money from blogging. Some bloggers sell a product on their blog so they want more readers so they are more likely to sell profits. Not all bloggers want to earn an income from blogging. Some people blog for fun and just try to earn a little extra cash from it, since they spend so much time doing it.
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There is a lot to blog marketing and depending on a blogger's priorities the blog marketing techniques can vary greatly. It tend to be only as successful as their marketing efforts. If a blogger spends no time marketing, a blog probably won't be hugely successful. A blogger that dedicates hours to marketing every week, will probably have more readers and make more money. Marketing is hard work and it takes a lot of time, but for many bloggers it is well worth it.
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