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Six Blog Marketing Basics

Image representing Blogger as depicted in Crun...Image via CrunchBaseBlog marketing can be overwhelming for a new blogger, so the best thing to do is learn a few basics and start slow. It can take awhile to get results from your marketing effects, so you are better off starting slow and learned as much as you can. Blog marketing can get quite complicated depending on how much money you want to make from your blog. You may want to turn blogging into your job, which will require a lot of research, time, and effort. If you're just starting a blog and concerned with increasing readership the following basics will be very helpful.
1. Regular Updates
Making new blog posts on a regular basis is important. Readers look forward to new posts and if you don't make any, they won't have any reason to visit your blog. Most bloggers update daily or weekly. Every blogger is different so it depends on how much time you have. You may decide to update every other day if that works best for you. Being consistent with how often you make posts is also important so readers know when to visit your blog.
2. Never Plagiarize
Your blog posts should always be your own thoughts and opinions, your own words. If you want to use a quote or information that you got from a different website you need to acknowledge the website or include a back link. Plagiarizing is a serious issue online and off line. It's stealing, it can ruin your reputation and it can sometimes become a legal issue. It's very easy to just credit a source or use your own words, so don't plagiarize.
3. Comment Other Blogs
A lot of new bloggers may not think to do this, but it works. Find blogs that are relevant to yours and leave comments that include a link to your blog. This draws in some new readers. People reader blogs because they are interested in the topic, so they are likely to be interested in a blog with a similar topic as well.
4. Respond To Your Comments
If someone comments on your blog, respond to it. It only takes a minute and you can just give the person a simple thank you or tell them that you appreciate their support. If someone asks a question, answer it. Some readers may leave comments, disagreeing with your post. Tell them they have a legitimate argument, but you still disagree, further explain your opinion or start a friendly debate. If you don't respond to any comments, people will stop leaving them. Comments can be very valuable. Readers may leave comments that help you decide if changes need to be made to your blog.
5. Find Out Where Traffic Comes From
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It can be beneficial to know which search engines or websites are sending the most people to your blog. You can focus more time on successful marketing and less time on things that are working. Also, look into what keywords these people are searching for that direct them to your blog. You will then know what keywords to use in your blog posts.
6. Become Friends With Other Bloggers
Other bloggers can really help you. If you are a new blogger, you can network with well-established bloggers and get some advice from them. Nobody know blogging better than other bloggers. Talking with other bloggers will give you a lot of tips and tricks you may not have none about. If other bloggers share ideas with you, share ideas with them. Create blogging friendships and you may be able to work out some link exchange deals with other bloggers.
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