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Easy Steps To Write A Killer Article On Any Topic

Research. Olin Warner (completed by Herbert Ad...Image via WikipediaVersatility is the name of the game in article writing. Being able to consistently write great articles on any topic is a valuable skill, but for some, it is nearly impossible. There is a technique that writers have been developing that allows them to easily write on subjects that they are not knowledgeable on just as well as if they were experts on the subject, and it can be broken down into easy steps.
First, you need to research your topic. Thorough and well thought-out research is the stepping stone for any great article. What some people tend to do is they research until they feel they are confident on the subject, then jot down notes about it so they have something to refer back to. This makes for the best quality articles, as they seem exact and professional. You can skip the process of getting to know your topic, but your article will be worse for it. Also make sure you have a lot of legitimate sources, so you can be sure your article is accurate.
Doing a rough outline is an optional step that does help quite a lot of people. Just jot down some note points on what you want to talk about, put them in some kind of order and use them to guide you. It helps you stay on track, and gives you something to work with. Some people will not like doing this, and that is fine. It is all about preferences.
The format you should use when writing an article goes something along the lines of a paragraph for an introduction, then put each of your points in a paragraph, then finish off with a concluding paragraph. This format fits nearly all articles you will ever need to write, and you can obviously make any changes you need from topic to topic.
Then you can start actually writing your article. Using the notes you took, or your rough outline if you decided to use one, and the article format, put the information you gathered into nice, clear sentences. If you get stuck at any time, skip that paragraph and move on to the next one. You can come back to it later. This process is really about getting it all out, and you needn't worry about getting it perfect at this stage.
Then you can go through and do the real perfecting. Firstly, go through it and correct any spelling and grammar mistakes. Then you can go through again to see if there are any badly worded sentences that you can change around to make them flow better, or if there are paragraphs that could be swapped around. Take your time doing this, as it will directly affect how your article turns out.
Once you've done that, you've finally finished. You now have before you a killer article that is going to attract more people to read it. As they say, practice makes perfect, and with practice, you can write fantastic articles like this with ease.

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