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How To Make Your Wedding Stand Out Of The Crowd

MONACO - JULY 02:  Princess Charlene of Monaco...Image by Getty Images via @daylifeA wedding is a huge event, and it takes a lot of planning. Weddings are renowned for either being amazing or being incredibly bad, and making a wedding stand out is the ultimate goal for soon-to-be wed couples everywhere. It can be hard to make your wedding really spectacular, with money concerns and lack of time, but there are ways it can be done.
The most important part of planning your wedding is making sure it reflects your own personality. Be careful in the planning process, and make sure you choose what you like and what reflects you to be part of your big day. Location is an easy thing to choose to really represent your own preferences. If you love the outdoors, for example, have your wedding in a garden or other outdoor area.
Take the same attitude with all your other choices. Choose decorations that you like, and get a cake that you think looks good, rather than letting anything else influence you. What this means is that you can't just choose to have a classic white Church wedding just because it's the easiest or what everyone else is doing. It is your big day. Make it your own.
Also, a good way to make your wedding stand out is to throw in a few little quirky touches. Don't go overboard with this, however, because too much of this can make a wedding seem incredibly zany and informal. In fact, this is usually the difference between a good wedding and a bad wedding. Finding the right balance between the traditions and the quirks is quite a challenge, but if you can manage it, it's the perfect way to add some flair to your wedding.
A few examples of quirks you could add are things like humorous toasts, an upbeat song for the first dance, rather than a slow, romantic ballad, or putting some personal possessions in vases instead of flowers. A very clever idea that hasn't been used in many weddings is to use a photo-booth instead of a guestbook. People, instead of signing their names, have a picture taken of them. This is a perfect example of a very well thought out quirk, and it also makes for a great scrapbook in the future.
Most of all, to make your wedding really stand out, you just need to be comfortable with everything. If something goes wrong, and you get stressed, your guests will be able to tell and will start feeling a little uncomfortable themselves. This happens at all too many weddings, and nobody likes to feel like this. Nobody is going to notice if your wedding dress has a little black mark on it, or if the cake is a little lopsided, as long as you don't seem to care about it.
There are millions of ideas you can use to make sure your wedding stays out of the crowd. The best idea, really, is to be creative with it. Make it as special as it should be.
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