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Article Writing Vs Press Release: A Guide To What Makes Them Different

WASHINGTON, DC - DECEMBER 17:  U.S. first lady...Image by Getty Images via @daylifeIf you are currently creating content for your website, you may be considering adding a number of articles and press releases to your site. However, quite a few people are actually unaware of what distinguishes an article from a press release, and do not understand which types of content should be used for their specific needs. Fortunately, you will have a much better understanding of their differences and similarities after reading this article on article writing vs press release writing.
The difference between these formats of writing basically comes down to promotion. A press release is typically used to promote a product or service. It is also dated, so that people can know how recent and relevant the press release is to their needs. An article, on the other hand, can either be dated or timeless. Articles do not have to promote anything. Instead, they can be free flowing and can be informative, humorous, or promotional according to the writer's needs.
Press releases may need to follow a specific format. For example, if your press release is going to be sent out to a number of different companies, so that they can include the release in their printed or online publications, you may need to follow strict formatting guidelines that they set forth.
All press releases should contain a headline. The headline is used to grab the attention of a reader. It should also sum up what the release is about. For instance, if the release is about a new product coming out or an award that has been won, the headline should clearly reflect this in an attention grabbing manner.
When creating a news release, the date and city where the release is coming from should be printed. This is typically included after the headline and before the opening sentence of the release. The body of the release should be compact and to the point, since many readers will not be patient enough to read really long documents.
Every release should include some basic elements. For example, make sure the reader understands why this development is news. It should also include lots of specifics about the subject of the news story, including relevant company names, product names, or specific technical descriptions if they are significant to the story.
When you are sending your releases to various journalists and publications, it is helpful to include an about section. This section will be used to succinctly describe the company or the person that is the subject of the release. In doing this, you will make it much easier for a journalist to pick up your story and write about you.
When it comes to article writing vs press release, articles can be used to express nearly any point, and they certainly do not need to be promotional in nature. They can, however, include general information and links that lead to a company's website or specific pages on products and services. For SEO purposes, they should also contain a good number of keywords that help people find the articles.

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