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What Is So Important About Writing Killer Articles?

Frank and Ravetch adapted many of the novels b...Image via WikipediaMost people would want to write a killer article that people will read over and over again. And whether or not the article will be sold for a few hundred dollars or used for baiting potential sales, it pays to have the skills to do so. In this article then will be covered items required to show how to write killer articles.
The first thing needed to have a killer article is the topic sentence. The topic sentence is the backbone of the entire article and will contain usually the keywords that the idea of the entire article will revolve around. The topic sentence can in fact be either or the second sentence in the article.
Following the topic sentence must be seven to eight sentences that support and give strength to the topic sentence itself. Usually what is done by more expert writers is that these sentences become the starting topics of separate paragraphs that all lead back to the main idea of the article.
Having the topic sentence intact the next step is to enrich the article with keywords. Depending on SEO requirements, it will be up to you how rich or not you want the article to be in terms of keywords. This is usually a flexible rule that most writers are free to play around with.
Usually the standing rule is about one and a half percent keywords use per article for a five hundred word article. This will translate to about 3 to 5 times use of the keyword for every five hundred words. Some writers however write up to almost three percent or twice the requirement making the article sometimes look more like an infomercial than a genuine article.
Another important element in writing a killer article is balance. A good balance between facts that you want to put forth and also a balance between what actually happens in real life is the key to acquiring a good and wide reader base. Writing an article that not only gives information but something that the reader can actually relate to in real life will earn you top marks all the time in article submission directories or even forums.
Targeting a niche market to narrow your focus is another good strategy in making a good article. Identify the niche market you wish to write for and that you have sufficient knowledge. Suppose that you want to write gardening articles and you yourself are a gardener, then you will be more successful in writing for readers in your niche rather than people who like to read about spaceships.
And perhaps the best advice that you should give yourself is to continually improve. Most writers die out sooner than expected because their writing styles become stale or predictable. Try to enhance your writing skills with a bit of panache by mixing your articles up a little like switching from first to second point of view or adding a bit of humor and the like. This may take a bit of practice, but the results are very much well worth it.
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