Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Making Money Online: Action and Fear

Monroe Street Wash and DryMonroe Street Wash and Dry (Photo credit: Terry Bain)
When people embark on their attempts to make money online, there are many challenges and pitfalls among the way. Many of these obstacles are external, as there are many different aspects to internet and affiliate marketing that must be learned. People may be unfamiliar with terms such as ROI, PPC, autoresponders, cPanels, and the like. People might be overwhelmed with the idea of establishing an account with a webhost, thinking that because they lack website design skills they won't be able to start a webpage. People probably think that they sector is already flooded with people who are smarter and better versed in the world of internet marketing.
On some level, they could be quite right. Yes, there are hundreds of terms you may need to learn. Yes, you may not have talents or knowledge as a web designer. And yes, there are people out there who are able to master the world of online marketing and probably do make six-figure incomes each and every year from their work.
But it doesn't mean that you can't make money, either.
At its most basic, these "I don't know" or "I can't" statements are rooted in the most basic and primal of all human emotions: Fear. Often times, our fears are actually quite useful as a human emotion. A fear of bears, for example, will tell you to walk the other way if you see one in the distance. Our shared fear of death allows us to buckle-up and drive within the limits of safety, thus preserving our lives and others. So, this human emotion of fear does serve us quite well some times.
However, fear can be far more insidious and can actually keep us from reaching beyond our normal lives. The fear of failure often times leads us to it. Succumbing to this emotion can actually serve as the biggest obstacle to achieving any level of financial success.
And the fears come in many forms--especially in terms of online marketing. We may worry about doing it wrong. We may worry about spending too much time and money for too little return. We may worry what people will think about us if we do stake our reputation on selling and promoting a product.
When deciding to make money online, our fears can paralyze us. But there is only one proven strategy that will help us overcome our fears.
The only way that we can move through the fear is by taking action. By moving forward and taking action, we soon find that our fears were far more manageable than we could have previously imagined. For example, if we do make a mistake, rather than the world opening up and swallowing us whole, we realize that the mistake can probably be rectified and--just as importantly--there is probably a lesson or two that can by gleaned as a result.
By taking action, you also become one of the people you once admired. You have probably surfed the internet for hours and hours each night, wondering how people were able to make money online. And in your hours of searching, you were probably looking for a "silver bullet" or some "secret" approach to the path to financial freedom. When, in reality, the only difference between you (the reader) and them (the website owner) was that they were taking action. Rather than reading about the successes of others night after night, the website owner decided to step out, overcome his fear, and see where it takes him or her.
Fear is an absolutely paralyzing emotion if it is not dealt with and overcome. Instead of giving in to the fear, take action. You probably already have enough knowledge about the ins-and-outs of internet marketing. You may even know what products you want to promote. Heck, you probably know more than I do about this whole game.
But I have taken action. And I am seeing the results.

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