Friday, January 20, 2012

Understanding Blog Marketing

Blog of the day once againImage by the Italian voice via FlickrBlog marketing is one of the latest trends of marketing online that you are going to find. Some people get confused because bloggers can market or promote a product on their blog and they also have to market the blog itself.
Many blogs promote products, services, or a cause. Bloggers can promote and sell their own products or services or discuss someone else's product. A lot of blogger choose to promote political and social issues on blogs in order to create a change in a law or the way people think. A blog may market something on such as a blogger's own product or a writing service. Bloggers can even do affiliate blogging which involves promoting someone else's product and earning a commission.
What can a blog be about? Pretty much anything. Blogs can be about personal things or they can promote something. What should be marketed on a blog? Something that the blogger is interested in and won't get tired of writing about. Also, blogs should be limited to one market. A blog about pets should not cover computers. However, a pet blog could discuss cats, dogs, fish, horses, pet products, pet adoption stories, etc.
In order for a blog to be successful, bloggers have to promote their blogs. They have to get the word out about the blog and gain more readers.
They are usually indexed in search engines, the hard part is getting them ranked higher. When someone searches for something in a search engine, they usually only click on the first pages of results, there bloggers want their blog ranked as high as they can get it. Doing this requires a lot of research and effort. Bloggers need to learn about search engine optimization, keywords, back links, and more..
Bloggers can choose how often to update their blog. A lot of times updating a blog more regularly is the best. People get sick of waiting for new posts to read and will start reading a different blog. The key to updated a blog is being consistent. Bloggers should have some a update schedule for example having a new post wither daily or weekly.
Blogs can be made on free blogging websites or they can be created from scratch and have their own domain. Bloggers have to pay for their own domain and they either have to know how to create their own website or hire someone who does. For beginners, free blogging websites are a great option. Some bloggers even choose to have a blog and a website. They put links for the blog on the website and vice versa.
Blog marketing can be slightly confusing for beginners, but it is very important. Just because a blog exists on the internet doesn't mean people know it's there. Blog marketing takes times but it can be very effective if done right.
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