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Search Engine Optimization for Blogs

Search Engine Marketing and Web 2.0 session in...Image by reachshalabh via FlickrSearch Engine Optimization is a very important part of online marketing whether someone is trying to promote their business, product, event, or blog. Bloggers who want to reach a large amount of people and get high traffic to their blog need to have at least a basic understanding of search engine optimization. Many bloggers do want increased traffic to increase their profit. This article will explain why SEO is important and give basic tips for using it for a blog.
SEO helps get websites or blogs ranked higher in search engines. The higher the rankings, the more traffic. When people go to a search engine to try to find websites on a certain topic, they typically click on the websites that are on the first page of search results. Some internet users will search through pages for what they're looking for, however they usually don't search through too many pages. Therefore the lower the ranking, the less traffic.
Every search engine uses complicated algorithms that rank websites. By the use of keywords that internet users type in, the search engine comes up with a list of results that should be the most relevant websites from highest ranked to lowest ranked. This is to give internet users the best and most relevant websites listed first.
The best way to do SEO for a blog is by using keywords. This is a very common practice, and it is also very easy and effective. Bloggers should use specific keywords in their blog. Keywords should probably make up about 2% of blog content. Putting keywords early on in a blog also helps. Bloggers can even put keywords into their blog's codes such as tags. Code are viewed by search engines before the actual content, therefore if keywords are in the code, a blog can pop up first on peoples results.
Some webmasters and bloggers also use back links to increase their rankings. Back links involves having links to your blog on other websites. Bloggers can offer to put links to each other's websites on their blogs. This helps both bloggers. Part of search engine rankings also include the number of links to a website. The more back links a blog has, the better. It will bring in more traffic and help achieve a higher ranking. The best thing for a blogger to do is to get a back link on a blog that ranks fairly well. Being linked to a poorly ranked blog, won't always help.
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