Thursday, January 19, 2012

Marketing Your Blog

Cali Lewis, Tammy Camp, Philip Nelson, Colleen...Image via WikipediaNew bloggers and people that have been blogging for years, all have to market their blog. Properly can help you get more sales, readers, and more money. You will have to take time to regularly update your blog and promote it, but it can be well worth it. So, how can you market a blog? There are many different ways, but many bloggers use the same methods.
First you need a blog. You may want to practice blogging for awhile too. Just make personal posts and you can even keep them private. Once you get the hang of it, you have to choose which market you want your blog to be in. This can be a tough decision.
Once you create your blog and decide on a topic, you will need to start making posts. This should be done regularly, depending on how often you can. Be consistent with how often you update. Some bloggers make posts daily while others only do it weekly. Each post should be original and interesting. Posts need to get people's attention and keep them waiting more.
Many bloggers choose to create a blog on a free blogging website. There is nothing wrong with this, it's actually a great way to start. However, your blog should stand out and this can sometimes be hard when there are only so many templates to choose from. A free blogging website that allows for customization is probably the best option. Make your blog have personality while still looking professional and easy to read. Bright colors can sometimes make it hard for someone to read the actual text. Be aware of these types of things.
Next, you need to start marketing. This involves exchanging links with other blogs and websites. Exchanging with authority sites is the most beneficial. An authority site is a blog or website that have higher page rank, having your blog linked to one of these sites helps improve your own page rank. You should try to exchange links with blogs in the same market. Many bloggers have no problem exchanging links since they want to improve their own rank too.
You should also research what keywords you should be using in your blog content. Keywords can also help improve your blog when it comes to search engine results. You want as many people as possible to be able to find your blog when they are searching online.
Look for bloggers that offer advice on blog marketing. Learning from someone that has already been through it and is still blog marketing, can be helpful.
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