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Improving Blog Search Rankings

English: The three biggest web search enginesImage via WikipediaMaintaining a successful blog involves attracting high traffic. In order to build high traffic bloggers need to understand search engine optimization and how to improve rankings. When somebody searches for a topic in a search engine they usually click on websites that appear on the first few pages.
They have a way of determining the order that websites show up in search results. Some ways to get a blog to have higher rankings is to use keywords and create back links. This article explains the importance of implementing search engine optimization.
Many bloggers use keywords in their blog posts. This is the most common way to help improve rankings. Some bloggers use a lot of relevant keywords in their posts while other bloggers include lower percentages of keywords in their posts. Bloggers usually work keywords into their posts in a natural manner. Researching the best keywords to use is a good way to ensure better rankings. There are a lot of programs that can help generate a list of keywords for different topics. Keywords are all about attracting more interest and traffic to a blog.
Back Links
They are links that connect back to a blog. Bloggers can work out agreements with other blogs or websites and have links to the blog. It advertise a blog, increase traffic and can even help with search engine rankings too. The number of back links that go to a website are also considered by search engines. However, bloggers need to consider what kind of websites their back links are on because the quality is also considered. Having it on blogs that have low traffic may not really increase rankings. Having back links on websites that have good rankings will improve rankings.
The last thing that bloggers need to be considered when it comes to back links is if they are reciprocated or not. If two bloggers have each other's back links, it may not improve rankings that much. If a back link is not reciprocated search engines seem to value them more.
Not all bloggers use images but they can help rankings as well. Many bloggers don't realize that search engines view images. Search images see all content and codes. If image tags are used search images will view them. Taking advantage of this is easy. Using keywords in image tags is an over looked way to increasing search engine rankings. The keywords used in image tags are usually seen by blogger viewers so it is important that they also describe the images.
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