Monday, January 23, 2012

How Bloggers Can Make As Much or As Little Money As They Want

English: Brain Blogger logoImage via WikipediaMany people hear about bloggers making huge amounts of money, but is it really true? How much money can a blogger make? Well, it depends on the blogger.
Bloggers make their own destiny. If they only blog part-time, it will probably show, they won't make that much money. If a blogger is very dedicated and blogs for a living, they will make an income from it. With blogging you really get the money you earn. If you put in a lot of time and effort you will make more money than someone who blogs a few hours a week.
Making a profit from blogging isn't just about writing a blog, a lot more goes into it. If a blogger wants to make money they do have to have a blog with regularly update content, but they also have to promote it. Bloggers end up learning a lot about marketing. Without blog marketing there really isn't much money to be made.
If a blogger is not happy with the amount of money they're making, they need to make changes. The first change will be how much the blogger works. If you want more money you have to spend more time promoting. If someone is spending hours and hours promoting their blog and still don't have a lot of traffic then they need to figure out what's wrong. A blogger may need to change the places where they are promoting their blog. There are plenty ways to do it and if one way isn't working then a blogger needs to move on to the next. Try promoting on forums, post videos on YouTube and include a link to the blog, do link exchanges, try using more keywords, promote a blog on a social networking website, etc.
A lot of free tools are available to help bloggers with marketing. This allows bloggers to promote their blog and make more money without having to spend any. One great tool is something that a blogger doesn't even have to search for or download, it's blog comments. Blog readers leave comments, read them and they may be able to tell you what people like and dislike. If nobody is commenting, make a post asking them to comment with their opinions. A blogger can also leave comments on other blogs or make forum posts and include a link to their blog. This is an easy way to spread the word about a blog and it's free.
With all the different marketing techniques, bloggers have to be sure they don't forget about the blog itself. Blogs always need updating. People expect regular posts. If you say you are going to post everyday and you don't, you will lose readers. Readers want to know a new post will be there when you say it will be. If something comes up, at least make a short post explaining why you can't make your new post.
Blog marketing really is a great way to make money. There is no limit to how much money a blogger can make. If they are super determined and want to spend all their time creating successful blogs, they can make as much money as they want. Some people aren't in blogging for the money so they are happy with the small amount of extra cash they earn for doing something they'd do for free.
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