Sunday, December 2, 2012

Want to Make Money With AdSense? This is How to Get People to Your AdSense Sites

Have you been struggling to make money with AdSense? If so you are not alone. Even though the idea of making money with Google AdSense is very simple, many who attempt to make any sort of income using this method fail to do so. You should be glad to know that this does not have to be you anymore.
If you are not that familiar with Google ad sense let me give you brief description. It is a program created by Google that allows web master to make money by placing Google ads on their websites. Every time that one of these ads are clicked on by a unique visitor the web master is compensated.
One of the biggest problems that people have when it come to earning money with ad sense is getting people to the site where their ads are. Yeah there are different strategies out there that deal with ad placement but none of that stuff matters if people are not going to your site in the first place.
There are several different strategies that you can use to get people to your AdSense sites. Here are a few that you can start to implement right away.
Write Articles - This is a great way to drive traffic to your ad sense sites. The key here is doing proper keyword research. You want to write quality keyword articles based around keywords that are relevant to your site. Make sure that you strategically place your keywords 3 or 4 times throughout your articles.
Once you've written your articles you will want to submit them to the top article directories. Two of the top ones are EzineArticles and Go Articles. These directories get a decent amount of traffic and will help get your sites higher ranking in the search engines. For more top article directories do a quick Google search on the term "top article directories". You will get a lot of results when you do this. I recommend picking 10-12 article sites to submit your articles to. Try to write and submit at least 1 quality article to these sites everyday. After doing this for a month or so you will notice a nice increase in visitors to your site and more money in your ad sense account.
Free Classified Sites - Post ads that are related to your sites content. There are tons of free classified sites out there where you can post ads with a link in it leading to your money page. Just make sue that you are creative when making your ads. Be sure to use catchy ad titles that will catch the eye of a potential visitor. A good place to start posting is Craigslist and U.S FreeAds.
Try to post ads as much as you can. You need to be a little careful posting a lot on Craigslist but with U.S FreeAds you can post all day.
Video Marketing - This is definitely a powerful technique when it comes to driving traffic to your AdSense page. All you need to do is create short videos that once again are relevant to your site and upload them to popular video sharing sites such as YouTube and Meta Cafe. Just remember to put your website address somewhere in the video and in the video description. Be sure to use your keywords in the video title and description. When done properly video marketing can really explode your AdSense account.
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