Monday, December 24, 2012

Secrets to Real Profits - How to Make Money on YouTube

Have you been hearing about how people are making a regular income online from YouTube? You may have wondered how they do it. Well, in this article I am going to reveal how to make money on YouTube. There are many courses and articles on this subject but I am going to give you the easiest formula for generating a nice income.

I am going to break this process down into 4 easy steps. You can actually start this process tonight!

Step 1. You need to go to YouTube and search for videos that are getting a lot of views. You want to find fairly new videos that are on the rise. To do this you will need to go to the video section of YouTube the select the "rising videos" button. This will show you all of the videos that have been getting a steady rise in views. Once you locate these videos you want to pick out a couple of them and watch them. Make sure that the owner of the video is not a YouTube partner (get paid by YouTube). You can usually tell this by looking at there description box. If they have "Subscribe" banner in it, they probably are a partner.

Stay away from these guys. This method will not work using these guys. Once you find videos that aren't YouTube partners, analyze what the video is about.

Step 2. Find a product to sell (be an affiliate of) that relates to the videos that you found. You can find a ton of great products that you can be an affiliate of at places like Pay Dot Com and Clickbank.

Step 3. Once you have you affiliate products you now need to contact the video owners and offer them a business proposal. You will offer them the opportunity to make some extra cash simple by putting your affiliate link to your products in their video description box. You will let them know that if you putyour special link in their videos that they will receive a commission for every sell that is generated by them.

Step 4. Now you just need to monitor your profits. You will need to keep track of all the video owners that you are working with. You need to make sure that you pay them when you make sells because without them and their videos you wouldn't make anything, so be honest.

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