Wednesday, December 19, 2012

How to Make Money Online on Autopilot - 2 Effective Strategies

Every internet marketers dream is to be able to make money online on autopilot. Yes this can be a difficult goal to achieve but you best believe that it can be achieved.

I am going to go over 2 effective strategies that you can use to help you accomplish this task.

Strategy 1. Become an affiliate of residual based or lifetime commission programs. These programs will pay you every time one of your referrals renews a monthly membership or purchases another product or service from that company.

The thing about promoting these types of services is that most of them do not keep members past a few months or do not have repeat buyers. This of course is not good for the affiliate who is trying to make money online on autopilot.

When searching for residual based income programs you want to look for ones that will most likely  keep the majority of it's members or that has a high repeat customer rate. Try to promote things that buyers will most likely stick with because they feel they need it. Things such as web hosting, domain names, dating sites and dietary supplements are good examples. If you promote enough of these programs you will eventually find yourself making money online without doing a thing.

Strategy 2.You can outsource your entire online business. This obviously requires some money to get going but if you understand your online business and know what needs to be done you can simply have all of your businesses task done by other people.

There are many places where you can find these people to do these jobs and do them well. Once you find the people that meet your standards you will be able to sit back and watch the money roll in. At this point all you really need to do is make sure that the people that you are paying are doing their job.

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