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Discover the Easy Way to Make Money With AdSense - How to Start Making Money With Google AdSense

Google AdSense has become a very instrumental part in many successful online marketers earnings. This may seem strange to many because it is a well known fact that many who try their luck earning with AdSense fail to do so. So, how can you make money with AdSense?
In this article I am going to over a fairly simple but effective way to make money with AdSense.
After reading this article you should be able to start making some pretty consistent income with Google ad sense.
If you're not familiar with how Google AdSense works let me give you a quick overview. AdSense is a program that allows website owners to earn money by placing relevant ads on their site and getting paid every time a visitor clicks on one.
Alright, let's get to it!
Find Profitable Keywords - This is very important when it comes to make in money with AdSense. You want to find keywords that people are paying big bucks for.
A quick way to find high paying keywords is by using Google's free AdWords tool. You can find it by going to Google and typing "google search tool" into the search box.
Once you are there you will see a box where you can type in a keyword or keyword phrase. This is where you will type in a broad term. Something simple like "weight loss" will do. Hit the search button and wait for the results.
You will then see a list of keywords related to the phrase "weight loss". Besides them will be a competition box "the more colored in the box the more competition". Beside this you will see monthly local search volume and monthly global search volume results.
Make sure that there is a decent amount of keywords with a respectable monthly search count (no less then 1000).
Now If you look right above the global monthly search volume column you will see a drop down box that says "choose what columns to display". Drop down the options and click on "estimated average cpc (cost per click)
You will now have an idea of how much these keywords are worth. Now that you have this information you want to see if there are any profitable keywords here. What I mean by profitable is words that are averaging at least $2 a click. Obviously the higher the better.
Here are 5 niches that have profitable keywords in them:
Weight Loss
Making Money
Malpractice Lawsuits
Real Estate
Once you have your list of profitable keywords you will want to build a small site that is based around these keywords. You may find it easier just to use a wordpress blog (one that is hosted on your own domain).
You want to make sure that your site is full of quality content that is based around your keywords.
Now that you have your site is up and has some nice content on it you will need to apply for your ad sense account. As long as you fill out everything correctly and your site looks halfway decent getting accepted should be a breeze.
Once accepted follow the simple instructions on how to place relevant ads on your site.
Now there is only one thing left to do.
Drive traffic to your site,
There are tons of ways to drive traffic to your site which I cover in detail in other articles. Here are a few of the methods:
Video Marketing
Article Marketing
Banner Exchange Sites
Pay Per Click (tricky but can be done)
Business Cards
I hope that you see the potential here and that you realize that you can make money with AdSense with a little bit of effort.
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