Friday, December 28, 2012

5 Super Easy Tips For Getting Your Website Visitor's Email

Anyone who is successful in internet marketing knows how important it is to capture the email address of their websites visitors. This is known as list building. A well built list could be the difference between a 5 figure a year online business and a 6 figure a year one.

The fact is, many internet marketers struggle when attempting to capture the email of their site visitors. Listed below are super easy tips that will help you get those email addresses.

1. Have a place on your homepage that simply ask your visitors to signup to your mailing list or e-zine. You also might want to offer them some sort of freebie that they will receive just for signing up. We all know people love free stuff.

2. You can offer access to a free eBook that is appropriate for your core audience. You need to have a good understanding of what interests you visitors. Once you know this use an eBook about it as bait to get their email.

3. Offer a free membership to a special part of your website that would benefit anyone who is a member. Let them know that all they have to do is fill in their email address to gain instant access.

4. Have some sort of free sweepstakes or contest that will give your visitors the opportunity to win something. They will need to give you their email address to enter.

5. You can easily offer some sort of coaching or consulting via email to your visitors that will allow them to contact with their questions. Of course you will need their email to do this.

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