Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Money Making Reviews - Can You Really Make Money With That Free Thing?

With so many home based business opportunities out there how can you tell which ones can be profitable and which ones that are just a complete waste of time. This is what I am here for. I give reviews on all types of these home based business opportunities hopefully giving people that information that they need to help them make a good decision on what opportunity to pursue.
In this article I am going to give an hones review of a fairly new program that goes by the name of "That Free Thing".
What Is It - It is advertised as a home based business opportunity that allows people the ability to generate a residual income by offering several different services to individuals as well as local businesses. At first glance "That Free Thing" does appear to be another network marketing business but they have made it clear that they are not your traditional network marketing company and would prefer to be looked as a Social Affiliate Marketing company.
How Do You Make Money - They have several income opportunities that can be earned on a residual basis. You can be paid by a forced matrix system that they have in place. This is basically a pay structure that allows you to get paid from many people in a group. It's a little difficult to explain but when seen makes sense. You can also get paid from getting bonuses and from referrals of referrals. If you like or have no problem approaching offline businesses then you can make money by offering "That Free Things" vendor coupon model.
Positives - This company is growing really fast and looks like it has some serious potential in the online and online home based business world. It takes very little to invest in getting started. Another really great thing that I found with this company is their training webinars that they hold live 3-4 times a week. This is where you can get very helpful tips on growing your business and getting any questions you have answered.
Negatives - If I had to say there was any negatives it would have to be the earning potential. What I mean by this is, yes a ton of money can be made but to make that kind of money requires a lot of work from you and others in your matrix. You should be very serious if you're planning on making a lot of money with this business.
Conclusion - I do believe "That Free Thing" is a good company and does offer real services that can benefit people and businesses. Just be aware that if this is going to be your sole business be prepared to put in some real work, but best believe you can make money with them.
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