Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Enough is Enough, This is How to Earn Money Online Without Stressing

Knowing how to earn money online can be very lucrative to those who are trying to get away from the traditional 9-5 atmosphere. When it comes to making money online it truly is about what you know more then who you know. In this article I am going to give you the basic knowledge that you can use to start generating some real cash from the internet. There are tons of ways that you can make money online but one of the most common and lucrative ways is affiliate marketing. Many people have used affiliate marketing not only to replace their then 9-5 but have used it to create a life where they can work when and where they want and earn more money in one month then they earned the year before at their old job.
Affiliate marketing is where an individual promotes another individuals products and for every sell generated by the promoter (affiliate) a commission is earned. It really is that simple. Even though the basis of affiliate marketing is fairly simple, it is a method that needs to be learned like any other skill. The good news is that you can learn affiliate marketing. In fact you can master it. The first thing that you need as an affiliate marketer is a product to promote. This is actually the easiest thing to do. I say this because there are tons of places online where you can find products to promote. You can find many of them by doing a simple Google search on "top affiliate programs."
You should try to find products that you feel comfortable marketing to others. Once you have chosen one or two products to promote you will be given a special url (affiliate link) that goes to that products sales page. What's special about this link is that every time someone buys from that sales page you get credit for it and earn a commission. Pretty cool! Now you may be thinking, OK I have a product to promote but how the heck do I get it in front of people? This is where the beauty of the internet comes in to play. The internet allows you to connect with people that you would never be able to reach without it. Millions upon millions of people hit the internet every single day. Chances are, some of these people are looking for what you are promoting. All you have to dois put it in front of them.
Here are some of the best online marketing methods for selling online:
Pay Per Click - This is where you will pay for ad space on Google or other search engines. You will create a catchy ad and only pay when someone clicks on it. This method does work but takes a bit of learning and a little money to start with. This method can be very effective but I wouldn't recommend it when first starting out.
Free Classified Sites - There are loads of online classified sites out there where you can post several ads to potential buyers. Find 5-10of these sites an post unique and catchy ads daily. This is a great way to start earning money.
Article Marketing - Another great way to get your product in front of people is to write articles that are relevant to what you are promoting. The best way to do this method is to write at least 1 article a day. I would start by submitting to a popular directory such as EzineArticles first. After that article is accepted there you should submit it to 5-10 more article directories. To find these directories, once again all you need to do is do a quick Google search on the "top article directories". This is definitely an easy but powerful way to start raking in commissions.
Remember, learning how to earn money online is not really about who you know, it's more about what you know!
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