Thursday, October 18, 2012

Shocking Coastal Vacations Review - Is Coastal Vacations Legitimate

Have you been looking at Coastal Vacations as a legitimate business opportunity? Does the idea of saving money on exotic vacations appeal to you? With the vacation industry currently cashing in as a seven trillion dollar industry, the market place suggest that vacations is a hot spot to earn money online. But before you join this business opportunity there are some startling facts that you must be aware of.

Is Coastal Vacations A Scam?

Now you may be wondering if I am going to tell you that Coastal Vacations is a scam. While thousands of people have lost money in this program, there are some making a lot of money selling the opportunity. The foundation of this business is not a scam, but there are several factors you may want to consider when partnering with this business model.

The product package in Coastal Vacations is suggested to be very difficult to utilize. If you want to use the products, reviews suggest that you have to book far in advance in order to cash in on the best prices, and that when you finally arrive at your destination, the exotic vacation you were promised is far from what from the accommodations you expected. How would that feel to offer that product or service to your customer base? How many satisfied customers will you maintain?

There are numerous levels to join Coastal Vacations. You can join for as little as $1,295.00 and packages reach as high as $11,000.00. Of course the highest level offers the most lucrative pay structure,and representatives are going to encourage that level of entry. That is just business, and Coastal Vacations is no different then any other business when promoting this level. However, where is the value for that ticket price. Yes, this is a business opportunity and most representatives want to make money, but it makes since to offer real products that's reasonably priced.

Marketing Trends and Coastal Vacations

The biggest disadvantage with Coastal Vacations is the current market trends, and the lack of duplication with Coastal Vacations business opportunity. While Coastal Vacations has been in business for many years, new vacation businesses are coming online. They are not requesting outrageous start up fees, and they are offering real discounts on real vacations, without the hassle of talking to representatives. In addition, while Coastal Vacations only offers one product range, vacations, it is suggested to find a business in a box opportunity. You want to offer numerous products and services to maximize your efforts to earn money online. Offering Vacations and tapping into a seven trillion dollar industry has potential, but offering a wide range of products is going to enhance your efforts to creating a solid online business.

In conclusion Coastal Vacations is not a Scam, however it is suggested to find a business opportunity with lower start up cost, valuable products and reviews, and that does not have the responsibility of the two up program. Starting an Internet Business has proven a viable and rewarding source of income for many people. The key to making sure you profit is to research the business, whether it be Coastal Vacations or another online business, you need to do a complete review of the business and the mentor or mentoring team you decide to create your success with. In what every business you choose finding the right training is critical to your online success.

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