Monday, October 22, 2012

How Stay at Home Moms Are Creating Online Incomes

Internets = Parody motivator.
Internets = Parody motivator. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Stay at Home moms roles are changing. Years ago if you were to think of a stay at home mom, you would think of a mom running a vacuum, and toting a child around on her hip. While stay at home moms are still the primary care giver of their children, many are creating online incomes, utilizing the world wide web.
If you are a parent you have already been faced with some tough decisions regarding child rearing. Should you leave your career to be at home, or should you maintain your career? With the economy affecting so many families, its becoming more of a necessity to have two incomes in a family. Does that mean stay at home moms should start seeking a job outside of the home?
Internet Business are becoming a popular choice for stay at home moms. How do you utilize the tools and resources to earn an online income? Below is a list of four steps, for Internet moms to start a successful online career.
1.) Choose The Right Business - With so many online business opportunities it can be difficult to determine which one is going to set you up for success. Often times people mistake a solid Internet Business just by the payment structure. While commission base is important, having products and services are equally if not more important. Products and services is what will have people buying from you. It is suggested that having multiple products and services is the best business choice. Multiple options will have a wider customer base then one that offers only one product.
2.) Set Your Hours - Managing a family and a new business can be a little hectic at the beginning. You and your family will be adjusting to some changes. Setting your hours in advance will make the transition easier for yourself and loved ones. They will become accustomed to Mommy time, and mommies work time.
3.) Education - Once you have chosen the business opportunity, you will want to have as much back ground about your Internet Business. Take the time to educate yourself on the potential of your business. Its amazing that sometimes people will start a business and don't understand there products, or business. Take the time to understand your business. Create your own testimonial. Use the product platform you have chosen. You will find more passion about your business if you understand what you have to offer others.
4.) Mentoring and Coaching - Going from a stay at home mom to a business owner is a learning experience. Like anything new you will have to learn strategies to assist you in earning an online income. Finding the right mentoring or business coach, is suggested to help you get the proper tools to create online success. Take some time and research you mentor. How many people have they helped? How long have they been mentoring? You want to know exactly how they can help you.
Stay at home moms are open to more options then what existed years ago. Parents were not given many choices, you could only make money by finding a job. No longer can we view stay at home moms with a vacuum in one hand toting their child on their hip, rather we are seeing entrepreneur moms with a keyboard, and a child sitting on their lap.

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