Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Home Party Business - Are Home Party Businesses a Thing of the Past?

Years ago a Home Party Business was more lucrative then it is in modern times. I am sure you have been to to a home party in the past. whether they were selling Avon, Tupperware, or some of the newest crazy product lines that have emerged, most of us have participated in these events. While a smiling presenter list the benefits of the products, and also explain the glory of having their own home party business, most attendees are catching up on the latest gossip with friends, and aren't listening to very much the presenter has to say. Bad manners yes, but it happens more then it doesn't.
At the end of the home business party, the presenter does usually have product orders. Most attendees don't really care about the products but they buy for their friends that had the party. By the end of the night, the presenter may have even booked another party. Seems profitable, I believe it is for some. Majority that start a home party business however will quit within a year of starting.
Why Home Party Business Representatives Quit
People that are starting a home business party, are doing it to make money. Some take it on as a second career, while others are looking to make a full time income. The fact that orders are placed, and an income is generated most discover it barely meets there expenses. Speaking in front of a group of people that are not really listening to the presenter puts a stress factor on the business owner. Its difficult enough to get up in front of a group of people and try to sell your business and products without your audience all catching up, and gossiping, while you are trying to give a speech.
Years ago people who wanted to make an extra income participated in these home party business opportunities. At the time many didn't know there was a different alternative. In modern times people are now starting an Internet Business. It is suggested that the income potential is higher then a home business party opportunity, and owners no longer have to do presentations or leave their home. Many can just plug into the world wide web and have their Internet Business profiting.
Many are leaving the home party business opportunity, and are starting an Internet Business. The Internet has given us a modern day tool to make money, compared to the old door to door strategy, that the home party business utilize. Many representatives are starting their own Internet Business, and are saying goodbye and good riddance to the gossiping party goers.

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