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Reasons Why Affiliate Marketing Is The Way to Make Money in 2011

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The resolutions are common, but more emphatic with each passing year. The goals are solid, but more attainable the older you get. "This is the year that I will learn how to make more money online," you promise yourself. "This is the year that affiliate marketing takes off for me," you state. You follow The Secret. You write down your goals. You decide that the Universe needs to finally listen to your needs.
And this is the year that you are probably going to be right. There are a million reasons why affiliate marketing will make your money in 2011. Let's start with some of the basics.
YOUR DRIVE. If you aren't driven, then you won't make money. Your affiliate pages can't simply sit online without any promotion. You need to figure out not only what products you want to promote, but you need to figure out how to promote the products. You need people driving by your storefront in order to decide that they want to make a purchase. Driving traffic to your website is not a simple "set it and forget it" mantra. You need to have some ambition. You need to make a daily or weekly commitment to get people to look at what you are offering.
YOUR VISION. Drive is one thing. Vision is another. You can't get into a car without knowing where you are going. Drive and vision often go hand and hand. Spend time this year figuring out where you want to go. Many who start out trying to make money online fail. They have the work ethic. They have the drive they just don't know what to do with it. You need to figure out what your plan is and where it will take you. As Dave Ramsey says, the difference between a dream and a goal is a plan.
YOUR SMARTS This is where most affiliate marketers fail. They think that the man or woman next to them is infinitely smarter. It took me years to figure out that they have no more or less intelligence than I have. The difference? They were smart enough to just do it! They were smart enough to try and fail and learn from their mistakes.
Harnessing the power of your drive, your vision, and your smarts will help you not only make 2011 one of your most successful years, but will help you understand how simple it is to make money from affiliate marketing.
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