Thursday, May 24, 2012

Make More Money - Less Complaining and More Doing

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Making money is not rocket science, nor do you need to be a brain surgeon to figure out how to make more money. The following five tips to help you wade through the high weeds to find your ultimate path to making more money and paying down your debt.
Complain Less. Do More. Nobody hates whiners, so stop complaining. You built your credit card debt, dollar by dollar and only you will be able to eliminate your consumer debt, step by step. By now, everyone knows how "poor" you are. By now, everyone knows you "can't afford it." By now, everyone knows your financial troubles, so stop complaining and start doing something about it.
Create a Strategy and Stick with It. There are two strategies that you need to create to pay down your debt. First, you need to figure out a debt elimination plan. Then, you need to figure out a way to increase your income. By making more money, you will have more financial resources at your fingertips to throw towards decreasing your debt load. Developing a strategy is good--but it is not good enough. In order for any strategy to be effective, you need to commit yourself to stick with it. A little flexibility can be a helpful thing. Just make sure you don't veer too far off your path.
Get Creative Get creative about your debt repayment, but--more importantly--get creative with ways that you will make more money. Figure out if you can start a business on the side. Some creative business ideas are completely within your level of financial and personal ability. You just have to get creative with deciding on how to make more money.
Continue to Supplement Your Income Even as your income rises--and even if you find yourself in a whole new tax bracket--continue to find ways to supplement your income. This is the transition from being "broke" to being "wealthy." You find more and more ways to bring money into your life.
Shower. Rinse. Repeat. When you find that you may waver in your financial goals and in your desire to pay down debt and increase your wealth, remember the directions on your shampoo bottle: shower, rinse, repeat. Restating and reconnecting with your goals is an important aspect of any debt elimination or wealth building plan. You have to ask yourself from time-to-time, "Am I on the right path?" If the answer is no, then make the necessary changes to guarantee you will meet your financial goals.
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