Thursday, May 17, 2012

Five Ways to Save More Money

There are probably countless ways that I save money. I save money by buying inexpensive items. I save money by buying more efficient machines. I save money by turning off lights. Here's a quick look at how five ways I save money.
1. By Not Spending The #1 way that I now save money is-quite simply-by not spending money. It has become quite a paradigm shift in my life. A life that was once filled with dinners out with friends and cosmos at happy hour has turned into a more intentional life. By not spending money in the first place, I realize that I am in fact saving more money than I could have imagined. Before I began my debt elimination journey, I didn't think I had "extra money." I was so wrong!
2. Go for the Rebates! I have also found that I have been able to increase my savings by going for the rebates-if it makes financial sense. It doesn't always. Look, I am not going to overspend X amount on an item only to get "x" amount back in a rebate. However, I have found that rebates are often a smart money saving choice with some recent spending habits. Additionally, when that rebate check arrives in the mail, it is a nice little reminder and an emotional financial bump! Go for the rebates if you are going to send in the rebate request. Most businesses 1) bank on the rebate being an incentive for a consumer to buy and 2) bank of the fact that the vast majority of consumers do not follow through with the offer!
3. Ask for free samples. I am not above asking for free samples. I find this helpful in many different environments. At the doctors office, I have saved on medication. At the cosmetic counter, I have saved on a new item that I am not entirely sure will look good on me in the less flattering glare of my bathroom mirror. I have asked for samples at the yogurt shop and at Panda Express. Ask and ye shall receive!
4. Eliminated expenses This is similar to rule #1. However, where I have decided not to spend on luxuries, I have also been able to eliminate expenses on other daily or-I will get flack for this!-necessary items, such as coffee. While the copyrighted Latte Factor can't transform my debt to fortunes overnight, I have discovered that I have saved over a hundred dollars in spending in the past two months due to the fact that I now make coffee at home or drink it from the office machine. I have also saved money by filling a bottle of water with my Britta filter instead of buying water at stores.
5. Libraries and Due Dates I have returned to the childhood habit of using my local library. I have been able to save money on books and DVD rentals. I used to think that the selection would be quite limited, but I have been incredibly surprised at how my quality of entertainment as increased even as the amount of money I have spent has plummeted.
These are five ways that I have saved money lately by simply changing habits in my lifestyle. I have been able to find "extra money" to throw at my credit card debt. It has been quite an eye-opening experience.
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