Sunday, May 27, 2012

Five Recession Proof Careers

WASHINGTON - NOVEMBER 16:  U.S. Secretary of D...WASHINGTON - NOVEMBER 16: U.S. Secretary of Defense Robert Gates (R) speaks as Gerald Seib (L), Assistant Managing Editor and Executive Washington Editor of The Wall Street Journal, listens during a session of the 2010 annual meeting of The Wall Street Journal CEO Council November 16, 2010 in Washington, DC. About 100 CEOs and policymakers participated in the annual meeting to discuss key public policy issues. (Image credit: Getty Images via @daylife)
During a recession, the economy is no longer experiencing growth. In fact, the economy is either stagnant or shrinking. When the economy shrinks, people no longer pay for products, services, and goods that are no longer necessary. For example, people may not be paying for private luxury items at this time because they want to spend their money on items that they need. Below are . This list will prove invaluable for you at any time--whether you are at the beginning or end of your career. Remember, it is never too late to start living the life you want!
Careers in the medical field Nurses, home health aides, physical therapist, doctors and medical social workers all enjoy recession proof jobs? Why? Because disease, death, viruses, illnesses happen every single day. None cares if it is a "good" time or a "bad" time to occur. Oddly enough, due to the economic downturn, of the professions listed above, medical doctors are the ones that are hurting the most.
Accountants and Accounting Executives Accounting is another career field that is virtually recession proof. In fact, during recessions, accountants probably work harder than ever to make sure that the books add up. Especially now, considering what the housing market, the banking industry, and Wall Street have put the economy and the American people through, accountants are probably working more scrupulously than ever to make sure numbers are not being manipulated.
Administrative Assistants Let's face it. Administrative assistants are incredibly skilled professionals and--over the course of the last fifteen years--have been asked to take on increasingly more responsibilities. So why not pay someone half the salary of an executive to do a similar job? Companies get their money worth out of hiring administrative assistants.
Teachers School budgets are tightening these days. Teachers are being laid off in some cities and districts across the country. But, by and large, teaching jobs are fairly stable. Let's face it. At the end of the day, teachers will always be needed in this country.
Mental Health Counselors & Social Workers Social workers and mental health counselors are another sector of this economy that are fairly recession proof, depending on the organizations they work for. While other social service professionals may lose their jobs during economic slowdowns, licensed social workers and mental health professionals can not afford to be let go.

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