Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Why Bad Credit is No Barrier to Home Ownership

WASHINGTON, DC - FEBRUARY 09:  Iowa Attorney G...Image by Getty Images via @daylifeContrary to pretty much everything you have ever heard about mortgages and bad credit, you can secure a mortgage allowing you to purchase your own home. All of this, regardless of the fact that you may find each or all of the following on your credit files:
oPersonal bankruptcies;
oArrears on mortgages;
oRepossessed houses;
oJudgements; and/or
Most Australians with bad credit problems have defaults on their credit files. This basically means they have had outstanding debts on any of their bills that are in arrears 60 or more days. It's a fact that default listings for Australians increased by a staggering 63 per cent from 2004 to 2005! (The Sunday Times 8th January 2006)
Bad Credit - there's hope and here's how!
If you fall into the bad credit category, there is hope contrary to whatever banks, mortgage brokers or other financial people may say! These guys only think there is no hope because they take one look at a bad credit mortgage applicant and say, "They're too hard to find a loan for, and I don't have the time or patience to do the run around necessary to find the right loan for these special cases."
So how is there hope then, if mainstream mortgage brokers and lenders simply throw their hands into the air and run whenever a bad credit mortgage applicant approaches them?
Your hope can be found in the most obvious place: bad credit mortgage brokers. These experts specialise in helping bad credit clients on a daily basis and securing mortgages for them.
That's right - on a daily basis. People with bad credit!
Any good specialist in the field of bad credit mortgages, will make it their personal mission to work with bad credit clients so they can:
oGet you mortgage ready;
oFind you the right mortgage to suit your circumstances; and
oWork with you to ensure your financial independence, not just to secure your loan, but also so you can have a financially independent and successful future where you are in complete control of your money!
Good bad credit specialists differ from mainstream mortgage brokers in two ways: they work with bad credit clients to get them a mortgage and they work with them to plan for a financially successful future.
Okay, so there's hope but won't I pay a MASSIVE interest rate if I have bad credit and secure a mortgage?
Don't be fazed by the things you hear from the media or mainstream mortgage brokers and lenders regarding bad credit and mortgages. It is a fact that if you do have bad credit, then you won't secure a mortgage with the lowest interest rate, however we will get you into a home with a reasonable rate. Then we will work with you to make sure you follow our specific financial plan, tailored to you, that ensures you not only have money to pay your mortgage, but plenty left over to get you on your way to financial independence.
Bad credit is just a hiccup in your road to financial independence. The key to remember is that bad credit doesn't necessarily have to railroad you on your financial success journey. There is life beyond bad credit. Financial success can be yours. You just need to choose whether or not you want to pursue it. It's that easy!
Choosing the path to financial success
Your first step to financial success and your own home, even if you do have bad credit, is to find a good bad credit specialist and call them! They work daily with people who are in financial situations that nobody would want to be in, however the great news is that any bad financial situation can be overcome. Overcome your bad credit situation now, and embark on that road to financial success.
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Julian Thornton is a Melbourne, Australia-based mortgage and debt analyst specialist. Julian specializes in the field of bad credit mortgages and personal money management coaching. Julian can help literally anybody into their own home and prepare them for financial success. If you need financial relief and desire control of you personal finances then Julian can help you. He is the author of

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