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Securing A Mortgage - Inside Secrets To Securing A Mortgage When You Have A Judgement

Julian BeeverJulian Beever (Photo credit: FePe55)Unless you are working in the area of bad credit and finance or have a judgement, chances are you don't know what one is. A judgement is a court order which instructs you to pay a certain amount of money to a creditor. Each judgement remains on your Credit File for five years, and if you have a judgement, you are considered to be a person with bad credit. This means that you can forget about the banks or most mortgage brokers if you are seeking a home loan. Hope is at hand however, and a bad credit mortgage specialist can work with you to secure the home loan that is right for your situation.
Do you have a Judgement?
If you have a judgement, you will know about it because it is a court order. What you may not know though is if the judgement is still on your Credit File. The best way to find out if you have an active judgement on your file is to obtain a copy of it. Baycorp Advantage is the company that manage and store Credit Files in Australia, and you can find out how you can obtain a copy of your file by visiting If you discover that you actually have a judgement, don't panic! It's just another financial problem that bad credit mortgage experts can help you to overcome, so you can get into your own home and on the road to financial abundance.
Managing your Judgements
It's never nice to receive a court order demanding you to pay money to a creditor. Most people will shudder when they hear their name and 'court' mentioned in the same sentence. As a bad credit mortgage expert, I can confidently say that even with a judgement on your Credit File, you can secure a home loan. By choosing to do business with an experienced bad credit mortgage specialist, you'll not only get a good home loan, but you will also be taught how to implement good money management practices. This determines the judgement management approach. The best way to manage your judgements is to pay them. View a judgement as a debt that you need to clear, and do so within five years, because that is how long your judgements will remain on your Credit File. Commit to paying off your judgements, and you are not only helping yourself to secure a home loan. You are also teaching yourself good money management practices, and that will equip you for a financially secure future.
A Judgement isn't the End of the World: Get Help and Start Managing Them
As you already know, bad credit isn't the end of the world, and neither are judgements. Look at a judgement as an opportunity - a catalyst for positive financial change. Commit to paying your judgements and talk to a proficient bad credit mortgage specialist about ways you can get into your own home sooner - even with a judgement on your Credit File.
It's Nothing to be Ashamed About
Bad credit is rapidly on the rise in Australia, so it will be a comfort for you to know that you are far from being alone. As a bad credit mortgage specialist, I believe individuals aren't to blame for their bad credit habits. After all, the movers and shakers of banking and finance are constantly bombarding us with messages to, "buy now, pay later" - sometimes even five years later, with the most recent interest-free offers clogging up the airwaves, not to mention our mailboxes. If people are educated on good money management and directed accordingly, I guarantee there would be less people struggling with bad credit issues. If you're struggling now with judgements or any other bad credit issues, it's time to turn this situation into an opportunity for positive change. Talk to a bad credit mortgage expert who is good at what they do and see just how successful you can be financially - regardless of your situation - now!
Julian Thornton is a Melbourne, Australia-based mortgage and debt analyst specialist. Julian specializes in the field of bad credit mortgages and personal money management coaching. Julian can help literally anybody into their own home and prepare them for financial success. If you need financial relief and desire control of you personal finances then Julian can help you. He is the author of "How To Get A Mortgage When No-one Wants To Give You One!"
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