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Repairing Credit Record - Simple Steps To Restoring Your Credit File

PALM BEACH, FL - FEBRUARY 25:  Rosa Morales wo...Image by Getty Images via @daylifeIf you've been hearing the media, the big lenders and the majority of mortgage brokers over recent years, chances are you'll know that if you have bad credit issues detailed on your Credit File, you won't get a mortgage from a bank. You'll also find that most mortgage brokers won't be able to help you either. This said though, you can still get a home loan, even with problems listed in your Credit Report. It's always a good idea to work hard to restore your Credit File, and this might sound complicated, but it's not. I'll show you why!
The Steps to Follow
In just a few straightforward steps you can do a great deal to restore your Credit File, which is something you must do for your own financial good. Here's what you need to do:
oObtain a copy of your Credit File: This is really easy to do. Just visit and you can request a copy of your Credit File from Baycorp Advantage - the company that takes care of Credit Reports in Australia.
oRead the Credit File carefully: This is very important because the outcome of your loan applications is based upon what is contained in this document. Check the file carefully to ensure there are no errors or omissions. That's right - you can be penalised if important details are not contained within your Credit File, so be meticulous in your examination of it.
oWrite down any questions you have: Financial documents can be confusing to many people, so if you have any questions or need clarification about anything in your file, take notes on paper and make a phone call to Baycorp to seek answers.
oReport any mistakes: If you see on your file accounts or outstanding debts that you do not believe are yours, find out why they are listed on your report. This is very important. Raise the issue with Baycorp. More than likely there won't be anything to be alarmed about. Normally such entries are the result of the credit activity of a family member, however credit fraud is on the rise in Australia, so your vigilance is important.
oPay any outstanding debts reported on your Credit File: By committing to a plan that allows you to repay any of your outstanding debts, you are sending a really positive message to lenders. Your Credit File details your repayments, so your hard work will be noticed. By paying such debts, you are also improving your own money management skills.
Can I Remove Legitimate Listings on my Credit File?
It is impossible to remove any legitimate listings on your Credit File, because quite simply, this information is on your file for a reason. In repairing your Credit File, it is best to follow the above mentioned steps and avoid any credit repair companies that claim they can remove any negative listings on your Credit File. Only you have the power to request the removal of any Credit File listings that are proven to be illegitimate or made in error.
Build for your Financial Future - Start Repairing the Damage!
Whatever you do, don't be discouraged by any negative inclusions in your Credit File. See this as a wake up call and an opportunity to pursue financial success. By following the steps outlined above, you are teaching yourself good money management skills, which if you maintain, will last a lifetime! For further assistance on how you can turn your bad credit situation around, please contact a bad credit mortgage specialist with a great reputation today.
Julian Thornton is a Melbourne-based mortgage specialist who owns and operates the highly successful Designer Mortgage Solutions Pty Ltd. Although specializing in the field of bad credit mortgages and debt elimination, Julian can help anybody into their own home and prepare them for financial success. Julian can be contacted by email at julian

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