Saturday, March 17, 2012

How Can I Make Money From Blogging? 6 Tips To Help You Get Started

button for blogs (bright)button for blogs (bright) (Photo credit: r0ssie)"How can I make money from blogging?" Have you ever asked yourself that question and started to inquire about all the different ways you can make money from blogging? The possibilities are endless but why do only 1% of all blogs make a decent income? Probably because it isn't as easy as many make it out to be so you need to get the right advice from the outset in order to prevent you from wasting precious time and money.
The first thing you must understand is that you can't possibly do EVERYTHING. You must outsource. You'll need to understand a little about blogs and the technical side from a mentor or course but you don't need to do it. I currently have about 20 blogs making a little bit for me every week and growing all the time but I didn't build a single thing and I have no idea bout the technicalities of generating traffic and social media etc. That stuff drives me crazy and unless you already have those skills and are competent I wouldn't even try. It's easy to find experts to do everything you need and you won't have to spend a fortune either.
So how do you make money? Really very simple...
1. Education
2. A business activity plan
3. A proven system/platform
4. A consistent set of daily tasks
5. A payment or merchant account to process orders
6. Associate and network with successful marketers
Let me briefly expand a little on each of these.
When I say education I don't mean go and buy everything and spend all your time studying and all your money on things that don't make you money back quickly. You MUST start making a return asap. This is a business so please treat it like one. Find a mentor or group you like and focus on that until you can decide whether they really are good or not. Figure that out asap making note of any guarantee period deadlines so you can get your money back if you decide it wasn't worth the money.
You must plan your business if you want to make money online. Just a 2 page document that states who you are, what you do, how you will do it and by when. That way you can monitor your progress and keep track of where you are at.
You then apply that plan to the best possible system or business platform in the niche or area you decide to work in. That could be affiliate programs in martial arts or parenting for example using blogs and videos to direct traffic to your offers where you'll make a commission per sale. The sale could be from your own product, an affiliate program like Amazon or ClickBank. It could be digital or a hard physical product shipped in the mail. The possibilities are truly endless when it comes to how you can make money from blogging.
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